Looking for a clothing manufacturer for your small business

Do you want your products to be perfect? Look for clothing manufacturers for small businesses that can help you. Read the article now to know more!

Retail clothing manufacturers for small businesses are always chosen by businesses because of their meticulousness and care in production. This helps their products to be highly sophisticated and win the trust of customers. Dugarco will immediately introduce to you the great benefits of cooperating with these units. Read the article immediately if you are interested in clothing factories in general and garment factory in Vietnam in particular to find your own sources of goods.

1. Criteria for choosing clothing manufacturers for small businesses

When starting a business or garment brand, you will have difficulty in supply and consumption. Since you are not yet famous and have a good reputation, if you order a large quantity, your store will easily be stocked with products and take up a large part of the budget. You never know when you’ll be able to sell out of that inventory. 

Therefore, many businesses look to clothing manufacturers for small businesses to be able to produce a sufficient amount of goods and solve the problem of costs and comprehensive development. In today’s apparel market, it’s not difficult to find small production units that will meet your needs when you’re just starting out. In particular, it is more difficult to find eco friendly clothing manufacturers to supply high-standard clothes in large quantities.

1.1 Low minimum order quantity

By choosing a clothing manufacturer that specializes in small business needs, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits that help provide cost-effective and hassle-free manufacturing solutions. Currently, many garment factories only consider bulk orders because they bring high production costs. However, there is a more competitive choice for startups. 

With the development of technology, clothing manufacturers also have small production lines. Professional small batch manufacturers like clothing manufacturers in Vietnam also provide end-to-end technical support, even if you have very little experience in this field.

A clothing manufacturers for small businesses will help you manage the flow of goods in and out

These small mills understand the cost constraints that startups face when entering this fierce apparel market. They can meet a wide range of requirements, in addition to pre-set standards. Many factories are willing to produce as low as 50 items. In some cases, you can also negotiate with them to accept the smallest order of 1-50 pieces, depending on the design or if it’s a limited edition.

1.2 Satisfy the market of clothing manufacturing enterprises

All brands present on the market today want to have unique features for their products. Clothing manufacturers for small businesses is ideal for brands located in the sportswear or luxury clothing sector. These products require special attention to detail in the design, assembly and sewing of the finished product. 

By choosing the right manufacturer for your needs, you will experience a service dedicated to providing you and your brand with a hands-on approach to the design and manufacturing process. This will help you feel more secure and help both parties build a long and good relationship between you and your partner.

Satisfy the market of clothing manufacturing enterprises

There are great benefits for small businesses or startups just starting out. This will help to take away the complex stress of cost as well as manufacturing techniques of clothing. They give you more time to focus on building your brand before it hits the shelves. Once you work with eco-friendly clothing companies, you will get a few benefits:

  • Sourcing and materials are all eco-friendly products
  • Using natural fabrics helps to improve the consumer experience.
  • Cheaper price.
  • Contribute to protect the environment.

1.3 Reasonable price

To be able to attract many customers but still ensure the quality to satisfy customers, you need to make sure your product price is not too high compared to the market. This is really difficult if you are producing in small quantities because small orders cost more to produce and sample costs can also be more expensive. However, to get competitive pricing, small, retail brands can tailor their requirements to be cost effective. By long-term and close cooperation with garment factories, businesses can consider the details better than thinking about quantity.

The price will be more reasonable if you use small factories 

For batch production, you will have to invest a little more in partners. But this is necessary as they will assist you with fabric sourcing as well as cost with other collaborative effort issues. After all, you still get a lot of benefits from this. However, you should not rely too much on them to avoid poor quality products and customers will not return when buying for the first time.

2. Dugarco – A reputable and quality small business clothing production facility

Dugarco is one of the leading clothing manufacturers in Vietnam. Our head office is located in Hanoi with 11 companies based in the north and more than 8000 skilled workers, technicians and employees. We can meet all requirements of goods from many countries in Europe and Asia. The main items that we manufacture include: shirts, t-shirts, uniforms and workwear, jackets, blazers, pants, etc. Over the years, we have continuously changed and Apply many leading equipment, scientific management system as well as create employees every year.

Dugarco’s head office in Vietnam – Duc Giang Corporation 

Our company has standardized the production process of the factory, thus improving the welfare of all employees in the company. In addition, we also have many certificates in environmental protection such as ISO 14001, 9001:2008,… The company also owns a few professional certificates such as WRAP, BSCI,… Dugarco has very often upgraded its production chain and strictly complied with health-related issues. We always put customer satisfaction as our top priority. By partnering with us, you can work with a fully customized, modern business. We look forward to placing into long-term cooperation with all customers based on respect, equality, mutual trust and friendship. We are not afraid to deliver goods to every customer no matter how far away.

All products are manufactured with international quality standards

When working with us, you can get a few advantages as follows:

  • We have long experience and strong capacity.
  • Professional staff-workers.
  • Specializes in research on R&D issues of new and high-tech products on the market.
  • Competitive price with international standard and prompt delivery.
  • Independently develop styles, process orders, and arrange production and shipping.

There is a wide selection of clothing manufacturers for small businesses that would like to cooperate with you. Dugarco has shared with you some of their experiences as well as the benefits of working with them. Hope the above information is useful and true to what you are looking for. If you need anything or want to cooperate with us, don’t hesitate to contact us and make an appointment with us. Have an strenuous day!