Are you interested in learning more about a scam on the internet? Please read the article to learn more about this issue.

According to an worldwide study dating scams are appearing in various parts of the world and causing people to not trust something until they have a thorough understanding of. Therefore, today we’ll discuss an incident that spooked people with the use of a dating app.

In other words, without taking too for too long, let’s locate and provide the relevant information about why people are looking for Simon, the Lld Diamonds.

about LLD Diamonds

It is controlled by Lev Leviev, who operates the company across the world to promote premium diamonds. However, its customers are large diamond and jewelry producers who appreciate their service to customers and management. Additionally, they remain on top of the latest practices and techniques to provide most efficient services to their customers.

So, on the Internet you may have heard of a scam being conducted under this company’s name. You don’t know the truth So in the next paragraphs, we’ll provide the most important information.

Information of Lld Diamonds Simon

Our research has revealed some authentic sources that suggest that the whole scam is based on the ‘The Tinder Swindler’, a Netflix series. In addition, the documentary reveals the fraudster Shimon Huyut who is disguised in the disguise of Simon Leviev, acting to be the son of the Diamond Lev Leviev. Lev Leviev.

Simon kept a great persona as well-dressed and well-groomed, with his own aircrafts and gourmet meals throughout the series. As he delved deeper into the plot, he invited women to join him on an adventure that he targeted after having spent a large sum of money in order to be an investment banker.

What was the method by which the Fraud Reported?

The evidence available that are available of the Lld Diamonds Simon showed that he had targeted a number of women using an online dating appcalled Tinder with the intention of swindling them. After viewing his profile, women were enticed to believe in his claims. However, in the end suspicious behavior, scammer Simon stated to the ladies that he was at risk from his associate and that they could harm him.

Therefore, he requested women to link their bank accounts to him, so that attackers could not access the details of his transactions in any way. However, the evidence of The Lld Diamonds Simon revealed that all of the ladies realized they had been swindled by him, and that they were with a an amount of $5000 in debt. In the near future, they will also realize it was an informer scammer disguised under a fake name.

Additional Updates

He was incarcerated and held for 2 years at Finland prison for similar scams as per the source materials. In addition, in the year of 2019 the man was snared and was charged with 15 years in prison however, the judge released him based on his good behavior after five months.

The End Talk

We have pulled the essential tips on the old Diamonds Simon available online in this article.

After a thorough investigation the subject, we found out that he defrauded women around the world for $500,000, revealing his lavish lifestyle. Sources have also saved his criminal record, suggesting that the prisoner was released for similar frauds.