Are you aware that Philippe bond has been announced? This news is breaking all the internet. Within a matter of hours, it was on fire. This news is making waves in Canada. We will share all the details with you in this post about Lisa Matthews Philippe.

To find out the details of when and how it ended up in the news, please read this post. This post will provide all details.

Philippe Bond: Who? Why is Philippe Bond in News?

Philippe Bond is an actor from Canada. He also hosts a radio show. He was born 28 June 1979 and grew up in Quebec. Philippe Bond was invited to host “The Prize is Right”, a television game show. He started his comedy show after he quit telling stories in this show.

Lisa Matthews Philippe Bond is the latest in the news. Press Media recently reported that Mr. Philippe Bond behaved inappropriately with co-partners on his show. His business partners distanced from the comedian. Furthermore, the website’s host and comedian were both removed from the site last night.

According to this report, Bella Media has announced that it is ending its business relationship with Philippe Bond. Philippe Bond and Lisa Matthews are still at odds, so the cohost will be no longer part of any Radio or Comedy show.

People’s Response to Lisa Matthews Philipe

More women later came forward to claim that he had been inappropriately behaving. The allegations were made public. Thomas Levac said Philippe Bond was first in the line during a podcast recording. Philippe Bond denied all charges and allegations. He stated, “I have not been aggressive men in past relationships, and my innocence is loud & clear”. He also stated that he would never accept to be accused. People commented that it was wrong to ask for sympathy. It is unacceptable for Canadians to receive this kind of news. People are demanding fair punishments for the accused in Matthews Gatineaunews.


Lisa Matthews filed a formal complaint against Philippe in relation to the incident in Gatineau that occurred in 2007. After receiving the complaint, police are called in to investigate. We have provided information to our readers regarding the controversy between Philippe Bond and Lisa Matthews. We also mention the reaction of the people to this. This link is where you can find the source of this article. This link will take you to the source of this post.