The world loves numerous Superstars. Many of you are one of them and want to know more how much they earn. Are you familiar with Lisa Bonet? She is a renowned actor and has a devoted following across different countries such as those of the United States and Canada. She appears in numerous popular television and film programs.

People who aren’t aware of her may read this entire article. Many people want to know her earnings. In this article, we’ll look at Lisa Bonet’s Net Worth 2022.

Brief on Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet is an American Hollywood actress. The full title of her name is Lisa Michelle Bonet. She was born on 17 November in California. In 1995, she switched her birth name from Lilakoi Moon. She has worked on numerous TV shows, films as well as music videos.

Lisa is known for her character Denise Huxtable in The Cosby Show. She has 278k fans on the Instagram account. She has appeared in films such as Angel with Epiphany Proudfoot, Whitepaddy as Mae Evans, etc. The full complete list of her filmography on the next section. Lisa Bonet’s Net Worth in 2022 is the most eagerly awaited response that people are waiting for. Click here to find out more.

Lisa Bonet’s life as a personal one

Lisa is a native of San Francisco, California. Lisa is the child of Arlena Joyce Litman as well as Allen Bonnet. Their mother, Allen Bonet, was an artist of America Africa heritage, texas. Later, she became a member of her fellow members of the Celluloid Actors Studio. On November 16, 1967 Lisa got married to Lenny Kravitz. It was her birthday.

The 1st of December in 1988 The couple were blessed with their first child, daughter named Zoe Isabella Kravitz. They decided to cancel their wedding in 1993.

The actress was paired with the actor Jason Momoa in 2005. They got married in October of 2017. The couple is blessed with two children. The couple sadly have decided to break up in January 2022, after more than ten years of marriage.

Lisa Bonet Net worth 2022

Lisa Bonet is a very famous person who has earned her fame through numerous music videos, films as well as tv shows. Before we talk about her wealth, lets take a look at the work she has done in the field of television. Here’s a full list of her filmography


  • Final combination(1994)
  • Whitepaddy(2005)
  • Bank Robber(1993)

Music videos

  • Stand by My Woman (1991)
  • It Never Rains(1990)
  • Revelation Sunshine (1999)

TV shows

  • A Different World ( 1987-1989)
  • Life On Mars (2008-2009)
  • The Red Road ( 2014-2015)

Lisa Bonet was shown in the films and shows mentioned above. Now , it’s time for us to find out what she earns. Her income comes mostly from her acting profession. Her annual salary is $2 million. Her net worth for 2021 is estimated at 13 million. She has received numerous prizes for her performances. Lisa Bonet Net Worth in 2022is $14 million.


The actress started her career at a young stage. She was a part of numerous television shows and is beloved by millions of people. There is a huge fan base across the globe. However, she’s been on the news for a couple of days due to her separation from her partner, Jason Momoa.