Are you a proud owner of a private car and do you enjoy driving it? Do you plan a route that is both long and short with tolls? Did you know that scammers can deceive you on this trip and drain your account balance? Wondering how?

You need to be extra cautious if you’re a Australia resident. The scams surrounding Transurban’s eTag toll company Linkt Corporation have been on the rise. This post will provide some insight into this matter.

What has happened and what are the latest news?

A scammer calling himself operator Linkt bilked a Gold Coast resident for almost $4000 using a text message to encourage the use of the toll road. Surprisingly, she’s not the only victim of this scam. According to The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission, there are hundreds of people who have been hacked. Since January, the authority has received over 700 reports. This is more than $29,000.

What are the scams involving Linkt Mont Saint Aignan’s?

We are not talking about France’s Mont Saint Aignan Linkt, but Australia’s toll-company Linkt. People became confused by the news and began searching for Linkt in France, which is also an operator of telecom services.

We discovered that they are not the same thing after doing extensive research online. Before we proceed, let’s clarify that this is Australia’s toll company.

Are they aware of the frauds?

Transurban was alerted to scams targeting drivers and is working to stop them. They mentioned that they insist on checking the Linkt Corporation website and Linkt app for any updates.

They also stated that they will not reply to any calls, SMS or mail asking for bank details, as the company does not send such messages.

A selection of messages that people receive:

  • Your Linkt was banned. Follow the link to complete the procedure.
  • The following link will take you to vehicle information that has been disabled and is no longer updated.
  • You have not yet paid the road toll. You can complete the payment here.
  • A toll-trip with the date mm/dd/yyyyyyyy is in progress; please follow the link to make payment.

What should I do?

Linkt Corporation will never ask you to pay by any of the above methods. If you are suspicious, then don’t click and take a screenshot and report here

You should also be aware that if you are directed towards a suspicious or fraudulent website, similar to Linkt’s, look for the following signs:

  • Spelling errors
  • Your website URL does not start with https
  • Poor grammar and typos

Action required:

  • Do not open these SMS
  • Don’t answer such calls
  • Send us a screenshot.
  • It is best to delete it.
  • Never click on any link.
  • Don’t enter bank or sign-in details.


Linkt Corporationis an tolling brand in Australia that is owned by Transurban. Scams are increasing with its name. A woman who was tricked by fraudsters recently warned drivers about this.

Have you received any suspicious messages from Linkt as well? Please let us know your reaction to these messages.