This article discusses Lime Wire Company and the new Limewire marketplace.

Limewire, which was once a file sharing website, is now an NFT marketplace. We’ll be discussing Limewire briefly, as well as what Limewire actually is.

Non-Fungible tokens are becoming popular alongside Canada & the United States & many other countries. Many believe NFT may be the future. This is why so many companies are trying their luck with this ecosystem. Limewire Company is now in this space with their own NFT market.

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What is Limewire exactly?

Lime Wire was an online file-sharing platform that was shut down in 2010 due to security issues. Lime Wire was an incredibly popular peer-to–peer file-sharing website back in 2010 because it allowed users to download music, and other content for no cost.

The main reason the platform was shut down was copyrighted. This platform was found to have caused large-scale copyright infringement by the federal judge. The company is well-known in the industry. They announced their return with NFT Marketplace, which will concentrate on music-related assets as they did before.

Limewire Back File-sharing Company

Lime Wire has no plans to go back to being a file-sharing service. Instead, the company will launch its own NFT marketplace. This marketplace will focus on digital assets in the music sector. The company used to focus primarily on music before moving on to the music industry.

The company recently stated that their NFT Marketplace will be live starting in May. They have established a waiting list for users who are interested in their NFT market and would like Limewire to download of digital assets.

Limewire FT Marketplace

The company is focused on their business and has been planning it since a long time. Lime Wire is a partner with many music artists and experienced companies within the NFT space.

The company is determined to make NFT easier to access, therefore they do not plan to sell NFT in cryptos. Instead they will list NFT in exchange to the US dollar. NFT can be exchanged with US dollars. Users can also easily access Limewire NFT simply by mentioning their credit cards details.


Lime Wire is making a bold move and ignoring cryptocurrency from the NFT. Everybody knows NFT from cryptocurrency due to smart contract features and other features. We aren’t sure if this idea will work. If you are interested, join the waitlist of this NFT Marketplace from here.

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