Would you like to suggest that you look for a site where you can purchase exclusive presents? It’s a fact that Christmas is upon us. Everyone wants to purchase presents, and you’re looking for an online store that can provide the gift you want for a reasonable price you think? What was the first time you decided to look at this kind of website when you came across our post? If so, we can assure that you’re at the right spot. People from Canada and many other states are looking for reviews on lighpro. If you’re looking to get the complete review, be sure to not skip any paragraphs or overlook a lot of details.

What is ligh Pro?

Ligh Pro is an online e-commerce website. The company was founded as an online store. Their primary goal is to sell gifts such as shirts and other clothing objects. Their price is also lower. Customers who reside between the United States and the United Kingdom will get delivery service. They also offer a variety of offers for their clients. The reason for this is to build a loyal customer base. You might have some questions regarding the lighpro. Is it a legit company?

Specification for this website:

  • Date of Domain Creation The website was launched 11 April 2021. The domain age of this site is less than one year old.
  • Site Link: https://lighpro.com/
  • Website Type: It’s an online platform where they typically sell custom-designed gifts with attractive price.
  • Customer support email ID: [email protected]
  • The official address is 6-9 The area, Stockley park Oxbridge middle the sex England.
  • Contact number Contact number: +852 46380263
  • Presence of Social Media: None Social media presence was not found on this site.
  • Product Return Policy: Yes, available.
  • Product Shipping Policy: Yes Available
  • Address for payment Address for payment: Yes, listed on this site.
  • HTTP Certification: Yes, available.

We will examine the CONS and PROS of reviews by lighpro.


  • All kinds of information are included on the website, including vital details like the shipping policy of the product policies, refund policy, return policy as well as all other policies.
  • The cost of their products is affordable, and anyone can buy such gifts without having to go through a complicated procedure.
  • The website’s User Interface (User Interface) is easy to comprehend and anyone can access it.


  • They don’t offer warranty service for their products. Other companies offer this kind of service.
  • They also share customer information in other services. This isn’t bad.
  • The policies of this site is hard to understand when you examine it against other companies.

Is lighpro Legit?

  • Although the domain name on this site isnew but it was launched almost six months ago on 11th April 2021. Domain life is a time-bound thing. This is mostly due to the trust issues of this site.
  • While the trust score for this website isn’t enough however, its trust score is around 1/10.
  • The guidelines of this website are clearly displayed on the web site.
  • The email address and the phone number are both present. customers are able to contact them.
  • HTTP certification for this website is available. This certification will allow you to safeguard your information against theft, but that doesn’t necessarily suggest that this site is reliable.
  • There is no consumer who has left reviewsabout its products. This raises the issue of the trustworthiness of their products.
  • Contact information for customer service is available on the site. They will assist customers if they purchase any item from them and wish to exchange it for another or experience any issue, they can get in touch with them using the contact information provided on this site.
  • They did mention to refund the money.
  • This website does not have a social media profile. Therefore, we don’t have any discussion on social media regarding this site. This is another important aspect that increases trust among customers.

lighpro Reviews

We’ve not come across any reviews from customers posted on this site. The most popular review websites such as Quora has posted any reviews about this site. A social media-related discussion has been reported on Facebook or any other social media sites. However, we did see that a variety of payment options on this site.

Final Verdict:

After studying everything we can about the lighpro website, it is easy to know that trusting the website is a strict decision based on our studies on reviews of lighpro. We have also discovered a number of negatives to this site such as its trust rating, which we believe is quite low. Customers may want to look other options. This is a good solution for them.