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You are looking for shops that sell home and living items? We found a website that provides all kinds home and living products. Lifeandhome. It has also been a focus of attention in United .

Today our job is to confirm the validity and integrity of this site. We’ll do that in a moment. You can check out our Lifeandhome Reviews page. Before you go, we remind you to make sure you don’t miss any vital points.

Briefing About LifeandHome Website

Lifeandhome.com is an ecommerce site that specializes in selling home and other living products. It was founded in 2002. They sell appliances and kitchenware, and then there are lawn and gardening items such as tools and power equipment. There is also outdoor living products like lawn decors and other items that you can find on their site. Current sales include their products. They also provide pertinent information about their company.

Let’s see if Lifeandhome Legit can be found by reviewing the specifications.

Specifications Of The Site

  • Domain Registration Day- This domain had been registered on 2002/10/24.
  • EURDomain Link- check out this link https://www.lifeandhome.com/
  • EUR Products offered- Home goods, garden products, heating & cooling, and many other products are all available on this website.
  • EUR HTML3_ You can make payment via Shop Pay or Pay Pal, GooglePay etc.
  • EUR Contact Number – call 1-212-400-788 or 1-877-289-9760 toll-free
  • EUR Business Address- Check their postal address NY11237, Brooklyn PO BOX 7370707.
  • EUREmail Id- connect via [email protected].
  • Newsletter – Check out Lifeandhome Reviews to see if they offer a newsletter.
  • EUR Refund Policy- You have 45 days to return your purchase.
  • EUR The Refund Policy – You should receive your refund within 2-5 days.
  • EUR Exchange Policy- There is no exchange policy.
  • EUR Delivery Options Standard Delivery takes 7-14 business day via USPS.

Let’s take a look at both the positives as well as the negative aspects.

Positive Features of the Web Portal

  • EURThe website was not created anymore.
  • EURContact details can be verified and are correct.
  • EURThe website’s presence on social media is a positive sign.
  • EURThe HTTPS protocol protects the website, as well as the SSl Integration.
  • EURThe newsletter has been updated in the future.
  • EURDiscounts available, which can be a good sign to customers.
  • EURReviews available.
  • Negative aspects of the Site
  • EURVery customers reviews are available from regular web sites.

Is Lifeandhome Legit? Or Scam

With your help, we will go over the parameters to establish the site’s validity.

  • EUR The about-us content of this website is only 57% plagiarized.
  • EUR Property Owner Details – Property Owner Information is available on the web site.
  • EUR Website Trust Score- Website has received a 93% which is a perfect score.
  • EUR Website has few social networking accounts.
  • EUR Trust ranking- A trust ranking of 100% is considered a top rank.
  • Policies – All policies available.
  • EUR Reviews- Few customer reviews are currently available.
  • EUR Contact Authentication – Check out Lifestyle reviews to confirm that the Address is authentic.
  • EUR Website Formation Date –Domain has been formed on 02/10/24. This proves that the website is still in use.
  • EUR Website Ending Date-Website ceases to exist as of 2026/10/24
  • EURDiscounts-Discounts were found.

Customer Review

According to our research, there are very few customer reviews. We couldn’t find any reviews on any site that was trustworthy. All reviews were from the regular site. There are mixed reviews on a regular site that has a 2.1 rating. This is a very low rating. Additionally, no article-based reviews are available. Lifeandhome Reviews can help you find out how to get a Paypal refund if your account has been compromised.

Final Conclusions on the Topic

The website selling home and lifestyle products online has a contact address. They have also mentioned their owner. They have social media accounts on , as well as a very high trust score. With a low-rating, customer reviews are much lower. This discussion has shown that the website might not be legitimate. We will however ask you to verify your suspicions. Click here to request a credit-card refund.