Roblox has been a great gaming platform. Even people from the United States were not interested in gaming, they are now avid fans. This game is loved by millions.

Legendary Leadership Astd was a hot topic in Roblox. Although it’s not something most gamers know, Roblox users aren’t all ignorant to this term.

What Is Astd.

Astd stands as All-Star Tower Defense. Roblox allows anyone to contribute. This platform allows users to discover, share and add knowledge. It features different categories of characters. It has 6 stars, which are:

  • Orange Head
  • Shield Master
  • ZIO
  • Shirtless Demon
  • Kura
  • Lightning Bolt

These 6-star characters are part of all-star defense tower defense. Roblox has many other categories.

Legendary Leadership Astd

The Naruto Shippuden anime series was the most popular and beloved anime series. Many have adopted their characters. Madara Uchiha was a legendary leader. He is also a hybrid 6-star unit. It is based upon Madara Uchiha’s Christmas Box III. Perhaps you are wondering how you can get this Christmas Box.

This section will detail all of the ways to acquire this box. Hero Summon has this box. This is a very hard to find item. This box has a 2 percent chance of being found. Legendary Lead Astd only available if you have received Christmas Box III in Roblox.


Numerous codes have been created for this year. We have included all the codes in our article. Here are the codes, as well as their rewards:

  • world2comingsoon – Reward: 250 gems and 25 grams of gold
  • astdx2022: 500 gems, Ice queen, 1000 gold
  • merrychristmas2k21
  • Winterbreakwhen: 250 gems or golds
  • December 2021: 300 gemstones and 500 silver
  • ASTDDevs

All these rewards can still be used once they have become active. You cannot use these codes once they have expired. We’ve covered many topics regarding Legendary Leadership Asstd. There are many other topics.

The strongest character found in Astd

Broly is believed by many to be the strongest, fastest and most powerful character in the astd. Its range is 25, its SPA is 5, and the damage it does is 26. It cost $500. Its movements are so quick that it can leap up and down to slam down its opponent.


Astd’s research led us to a wealth of information about the characters. We also shared information about the codes. We share the information we have gathered here. It will greatly help you.