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The action-packed fantasy series is not only popular in its inception country of Korea. The show is also popular throughout America. United States. This is why it has a lot of admirers across the nation.

If the announcement is made about the new chapter, the people are delighted. They’re looking forward to their turn in the Legend of the Northern Blade 114.

Brief About Northern Blade

The creator for the show is the famous Korean author Hae-Min. The series was the idea of the acclaimed writer.

The style of the series is simple. It’s an action-fantasy. In the world of entertainment there are many fans of action-oriented series. This series receives an overwhelming reaction from the viewers.

The original series was released from South Korea and chapter 13 was released on the 15th of December 2021. However, it’s only an Korean version. It will be released in English. English release date is available on the 22nd of December 2021.

The story follows a courageous Northern Heavenly soldier who survives the universe.

About Legend of the Northern Blade 114

Episode 114 of the series will be set to be released on December 22, 2021. Therefore, the viewers are eagerly anticipating the 114th chapter.

The English viewers will also receive the English translation soon. This English edition of the show will be available at four different dates. For those in within the United Kingdom, the time is British summertime (5 5:45 pm). Central and eastern daylight hours are between 11am and noon. The time for daytime in the Pacific is 9 am.

Therefore, the people are waiting eagerly for the next version to be released regardless of time zone.

Know the Character of Legend of the Northern Blade 114

In this show there are a lot of famous characters. They are loved by viewers, and they are always eager to see them.

In this series, we can find the most famous names or myths which are renowned. The title of the characters are “Jin Mu Won”, “Hwang Cheol”, “Eun Ha Seol, “Jin Kwan Ho”, and so on.

The characters in the series are the primary reason for the series’ popularity.

Why are people in a limbo waiting to an New Chapter?

The script, as well as the storyline is the most significant aspect of the show. The story is a tale of evil and good. The story explains how a legendary character defends the country from the sins of others. This is the reason why many are eagerly awaiting Legend of the Northern Blade 114.

From the beginning, audiences began to love the show. Every episode becomes more popular day by day. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next episode, and they are watching with enthusiasm.

The viewers can feel the fight spirit of the show. Additionally, they enjoy the characters and the humour of the plot.

Final Thought

The brand-new chapter will be launched on the 22nd of December in 2021. This is the reason why people are anxiously waiting for something different in the new chapter.

The experts predict that the new episode is expected to receive an overwhelming response from public everywhere, and Legend of the Northern Blade 114 (or 114)will surpass all previous records.