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Are you aware of Reine Marie Dressay’s passing? People from Canada want to learn more about Marie Reine Le Dressy. She was an important figure in southern Saskatchewan, Canada. She dedicated her whole life to education, friendship, and her family. People are interested in her life, death and Obituary. Through this article, we are here to answer all of your questions.

How did Reine ledressay say goodbye?

Reine Marie le Dressay passed away peacefully on 13 June 2022, with all her family. She was full with love and warmth. She was a strong supporter of her family and education throughout her entire life. Rehne Marie’s family organized a funeral service for her at St. Cecilia at 2pm on 18 July. On 17 June, her family held a prayer to the peace of her soul at Lee Funeral Home Ledressay Obituary. Her family thanks Sarah Kozusko and Crystal Spooner for their guidance. Her beautiful soul will be missed by her family and friends.

Who was Reine La Dressy?

Reine Marie le Dressy was conceived on the 19th of March 1926. Born at Whitewood Hospital and raised on a small farm. She values her family, ethnic traditions, and, most importantly: Education. St. Joseph’s Academy was her school. At 15 years old, she graduated high school and received her teaching certificate in 1942. She taught 9 years in Southern Saskatchewan. From 1943-1949, she spent six years teaching children. Ledressay Obituarypeople remarked that her life was all about her family and hard work.

Relation of Reine Le Dressy to Paul Le Dressy

People are curious about Ledressay after the announcement of her Obituary. Reine Le dressy rejected many offers for the wedding. Paul Le Dressy met Mary Mann through a mutual friend. Paul was away from home for two years while he worked at the RCAF. Paul wrote often to her from overseas and was finally married on 19 July 1949.

Reine LeDressay before the Ledressay Obituary

Pual and Reine, lived at 940 forget St. for 51 years. She was committed to her family and other’s education. Their happy family is completed by four boys. She graduated from Regina University with a degree as a French teacher at the age of57. She was a tireless worker, selfless, and played a part in many anniversaries, funerals, or weddings. It’s a good thing to say that she lived a happy life.


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