Are you a fan the newest and most popular Arceus Pokemon games? Are you interested in learning more about Pokemon with three leaves You should read this post if you are.

The Pokemon Arceus phenomenon has seen so many people asking for help to catch mysterious Pokemon. Players all over the world, including in the United States, Canada, Australia, Australia, and the Netherlands, are searching for new three-leaf Pokemon. This post will cover leaves 3 and pokemon, as well as how to get it.

What is Pokemon with three leaves?

Pokemon Arceus Search for Bitter Leaves requests gamers to take on a new challenge: capture a Pokemon with three leaves. Petilil is a Pokemon with three leaves. If you know how and where to find it, the Pokemon are easy to catch.

While there are many Pokemon that could fit the criteria, gamers will have to find one of the Crimson Mirelands signature Pokemon. The mission guidelines mention that the only requirement is to catch Petilil, which is the Pokemon with three leaves.

How To Obtain Leaves 3 with pokemon

To start the request, players need to talk to Shinon at Jubilife Village. She will instruct them to pick up plants for her, and she may use them to make medication.

Shinon doesn’t know where the plant is located. Anise will recommend that players contact her for more information.

You should not be too far from the Anise. Anise would confirm that the plant is a Pokemon after meeting her. She will also provide her advice about its location in the Crimson Mirelands. This is the second area of the game and where you can find leaves with your pokemon.

Once you have reached there, head towards the Cottonsedge Prairie on the eastern edge Crimson Mirelands to begin your actual quest to find Pokemon with three Bitter leaves.

To get to this location, players need to go to Diamond Settlement and then start climbing. Then, they will ride across Lake Valor using Pokemon Legends- Arceus. This path, although it may seem complicated, should allow players who have completed their Search for Bitter Leaves to visit the Cottonsedge Prairie.

Upon arrival, players will see several Petilil Pokemon roaming among the cotton. They should only catch one leaf 3 with pokemon, and return it to Anise at Jubilife Village of Pokemon Arceus.

After speaking with the person and giving over the Petilil, or the Pokemon with three leaves, players would receive a short segment. After that, the quest to find Bitter Leaves would be completed.


Capturing Petilil (the Pokemon with three leaves) is easy and shouldn’t take too much time. Three Fine Remedies and five Hopo Berries are awarded to the player for returning the three-leaf Pokemon.