If you have a tech business, you know that B2B lead generation is key to your success. To find the top lead generation for a B2B tech company, it is important first to understand what type of leads are best suited for the company’s products and services.

There are various lead generation methods available, including online and offline methods. It is important to research different lead generation methods and determine which ones will be most effective for the company’s target market.

Strategies to Find the Best Lead Generation for B2B Tech Company

Complex products pose the biggest challenge in generating leads in the technology business. That is why even the customers looking for tech products and services have a hard time finding and identifying them because of not understanding what the tech companies are selling. 

When you own a tech company or business, your product should be easier to use and more user-friendly for customers to understand. 

For technology companies, lead generation is a crucial part of the marketing process. At Lfbbd Now, we are helping clients generate sales lead database, ecommerce leads to boost sales for their business.

8 Lead Generation Strategies for Technology Companies

  1. Engaging Landing Page

The purpose of a landing page is to collect an online visitor’s details in exchange for something, such as an ebook. In this era of the internet, people are more eager to learn about the needed products from websites rather than going to a webinar or shopping in person. 

That is why the landing book needs to be well organized and informative. You can make a good landing page by making it text-focused, adding social media links, adding explanation videos, having a FAQ section, selecting the right color for the page, etc. 

Having an eye-catching and highly engaging landing page is the secret to booming sales.

Some benefits of Landing pages are:

  • Good first impression
  • Generate Leads and better conversion
  • Promote new products & services
  • Build credibility
  • Increase search traffic
  1. Content Marketing 

An example of content marketing is inbound marketing, in which marketing efforts are designed to attract people to a brand instead of placing it in front of them, such as online ads. In recent research by HubSpot, it is found that the business companies who publish more than 16 contents on their page or websites are 4.5 times ahead of their competitors.

Content marketing for B2B tech companies can be done through blog posts, ebooks, User-generated content, Infographics, etc. For tech companies to be effective, they need to create content relevant to each stage of the buyer’s process, which is as follows- the research phase, the deliberation phase, and the decision-making phase.

Importance of content marketing for b2b tech company:

  • Your audience will stick around longer
  • Get more people to follow you on social media
  • Build a relationship with your customers
  • Get more and better leads
  • Creating original content can help you get more sales
  • Your business will become more visible
  • Good content can help people know about your business
  • Build a group of people who love your brand
  • Make your company seem like an expert in your field
  1. Email Marketing

Email is a vital component of the B2b marketing strategies of most tech companies. The most effective inbound marketing tactic is email marketing since it converts the most leads. In the 2012 B2B Benchmarking Report by Inbound Marketing software company Optify, 2.9% of email marketing recipients turned into leads.

Email marketing is one of the great ways to connect to your target market and create sales. For increase your tech company sales, you must know how to properly handle email marketing.

7 Email Marketing Ideas You Should Implement Today:-

1) Capture more homepage opt-ins.

2) Evolve your “welcome” email to “onboarding” programs.

3) Remarket to cart and browse abandoners.

4) Take birthday, and other date-based special days, and email to the next level.

5) Segment based on behavior.

6) Focus on early activation over reactivation.

7) Get focused and get started.

However, while doing email marketing, you must follow these rules- 

  • Increase engagement with your email marketing by maintaining your opt-in lists.
  • Keep your emails short and interesting.
  • Find out what works best in email marketing by analyzing email marketing statistics
  • People who have not asked for marketing emails should not receive them.
  1. Webinars

You can connect with your audience more personally and address objections through webinars. Using an automated webinar, you can even schedule one whenever you like. To make their products and services more understandable to their customers, B2B tech companies should apply webinar marketing.

Some of the benefits of hosting a successful webinar by businesses are:

  1. It can help you build a brand
  2. It can help you prove expertise and competence in order to gain the trust of your prospective customers.
  3. You can offer your product and can educate your audience, after all, 144% more people are likely to purchase a product after seeing a video of it in action.
  4. It can bring high converting leads.
  5. It can help you boost your online footprint and grow your business.
  6. It can help you present your upcoming products or services to your specific market.

5. Offer Free Trials

A free trial is a great opportunity for your customers to try out your products and determine if they are satisfied. Technology companies offer free trials as one of their top lead generation methods. 

People want to try out expensive technology products for free before buying as that is a long time cost. Therefore, by letting them experience your product or service personally, their impression of its effectiveness will be clearer, and they will be more eager to buy it. 

6. Referral Programs

Having a referral program is a great way to encourage your customers to tell their friends and family about your brand. Adding a ‘Refer a Friend’ page or referrals signing up pages to your website will simplify things for your customers. Some tech companies encourage referrals by offering rewards when customers refer others to the site. Both the customer and the referral are offered benefits in these reward programs. 

Thus referral programs make your tech company trustworthy because 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know. Also, it will be free marketing provided by your potential customers as they encourage their family and friends to buy your product or service. 

7. Participate in Trade Shows

Trade shows can introduce your products to tech professionals. This will increase your brand name and popularity. A trade show platform will also allow you to convey your product or service’s value easily to the decision-makers of the tech industry. 

A booth at the show is another opportunity to offer free consultations, demonstrations, or free trials so that your customers can learn about the products quickly without getting involved in the scheduling process. In-person trade shows are essential to marketing, according to 65% of tech companies. 

8. Use Paid advertising 

Paid advertising is a must in this era of mass media. You can not only engage social media and search engines in this, but also you can show your advertisements in the stadium. In addition, you can use paid search for remarketing. 

In Paid Search, you can remarket to people that have previously visited your site, enticing them to complete a purchase. Wordstream says that almost 65% of consumers looking to buy online click on an ad on Google, which is a good place to find your customers as 85% of B2B buyers use this platform.

A recent study by Forrester Research found that paid advertising can boost sales by up to 50%.

Reasons why paid advertising is essential:

  • Paid ads provide you with better and faster results
  • They are both affordable and measurable
  • Enables you to target the right audience
  • Makes conversions super easy

Final Words 

Lead generation for technology companies should be part of your marketing strategy. Using this approach will ensure your company has enough customers at all times. You can keep experimenting with different lead generation techniques to ensure your lead gen strategy works.