On average, Americans spend around 32 hours a month on lawn care, whether it’s sweeping dead leaves to sowing seeds. 

The tricky part of maintaining a healthy lawn is that its requirements change depending on the season. Because of this, homeowners must stay alert and know how to treat their yard so it stays looking fresh. Perhaps you’re currently struggling with your own lawn and you’re looking for inspiration. 

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are instant lawn Melbourne tips to try out.

Spring Lawn Care 

On the top of your lawn maintenance schedule is preparing your lawn for spring. This is when you should fertilize your lawn and aerate the entire area as it lets water, oxygen, and fertilizer reach the roots. 

If the grass has already started growing, mow it slightly as it reduces the risk of winter-related fungal infestations. 

Summer Lawn Care

During the summer, the most important landscaping and lawn maintenance tips include deep and infrequent watering. As a general rule, your lawn will need around one inch of water a week. You can either hire a lawn maintenance service or install sprinklers so they water your lawn for a specific amount of time. 

organic lawn care company provide excellent service while putting a strong emphasis on providing an exceptional client experience at all times.

Further, be on the lookout for white grubs as these can turn your lawn brown and make them wilted. If you notice an outbreak, then treat your lawn with pesticides immediately 

Fall Lawn Care 

As temperatures are beginning to drop, it’s important to seed your lawn so they become thicker.

Make sure you remove any dead grass and add an inch of mulch as it will give your soil much-needed nutrients. You should also water the entire area thoroughly as it will stop it from drying out as it gets colder. 

You should also test the soil to prevent it from becoming acidic as it can harm the grass. Further, if there are any issues with dead trees, then look for lawn maintenance companies that have a stump hog for rent as it will solve the problem. 

Winter Lawn Care

Your lawn will either be covered in snow or if you’re in a warmer climate, dormant and browned.

Homeowners in the South should regularly maintain their lawn by watering, mowing, and fertilizing the grass regularly. If you’re still struggling, then search for the best lawn maintenance companies in the area and they will guide you through the process, whatever the season. 

Try Our Lawn Maintenance Tips Today 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re an expert on lawn maintenance. 

In spring and summer, make sure you regularly water and fertilize your lawn as it’s finally coming back to life after the colder months. Meanwhile, in fall and winter, homeowners must shower their lawn in TLC by adding compost and keeping the grass at the perfect level so it comes back strong in spring. Good luck with your venture! 

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