Are you a lover of the Elden Ring role-playing game? Are you trying to find that Larva Tear from the Elden Ring game? If so, you should tune in to the blog post.

It is believed that the Larva Tear is an essential component of Elden Ring. Elden Ring game, which is a highly-rated game that sold more than 12 million copies of the video game All over the world within three weeks. The players are seeking the location of the Larva Tear. In this article we’ve discussed what we call the larval tear ring.

What is Larval Tear?

Elden Ring’s Larval Tears are essential items in the game. Rennala needs Larval Tears to give her the possibility of rebirth. Elden Ring’s primary points consist of a variety of items found in specific areas or offered by pertinent NPCs which can be utilized to unlock sections or missions and further help the story of the game.

The features from Larva Tear

  • The core of a silver tear, a mirroring organism.
  • The sphere is both physical as well as a living entity.
  • The amber egg nourished by Rennala Goddess of Full Moon, needs this substance to help rebirth humanity.
  • Rebirthing allows for the reallocation of abilities that are leveled-up.

Where can I Find The Larval Tear Ring?

Larva Tear is often difficult to locate. Therefore, here is an overview of all possible places that Larva Tear can be found.

A Lesser Runebear disguised as Undead Soldier throws it near the South location of Grace in Agheel Lake.

The cemetery is located close to the town’s located in The Albinaurics’ Village.

After being defeated when defeated, when defeated, a Grafted Scion dressed as the Giant Lobster drops it. The area between Rose Church as well as Boilprawn Shack is this location.

When the Resurrection Painting, it was found in the east cemetery from Caria Manor. Only after defeating Royal Knight Loretta may players be able to access the area.

It is believed that the Larval Tear Ring is discovered when making contact with a spirit that is seated in a graveyard chair.

If they touch with the ghost it disappears then the Larval Tear along with the Juvenile Scholar Cape and a Juvenile Scholar Robe, appear on the floor.

Carian Servant was bought for 3000 runes through Pidia. After he defeated Royal Knight Loretta, he is accessible by climbing the cliffs that lie on the southeast end of a Three Sisters sub area.

Dropped in Caelid southwest of the Caelid Highway Southern Site of Grace by an undead Troll disguised in the disguise of the Undead Soldier.

The Lion Guardian dressed as Undead Soldier released the Larval Tear Ringin a small nook within the unidentified remains to the east in the Woodfolk Ruins. The ruin is located at the top of the cliffs and can be accessed via by the Rampartside Path, a place of grace.

Purchased at the sum of 3000 Runes from a Nomadic merchant located near Siofra River.

  • Nokstella in Eternal City

At the footbridge in Nokstella, Eternal City, an Silver Tear masked as a massive inert ball fell and landed on it.


It’s not easy to locate the Larva Tear within the Elden Ring. Players need to be aware of the exact location and appropriate steps to get the item.