Are you familiar with the water bottle brand LARQ It is well-known for its UV-C LED design. This water bottle is the first to use UV-C technology to instantly purify drinking water.

This product is used by millions in the United States , Canada, and the United Kingdom. Justin Wang, the founder of the company wanted to do a deal with Lori and Kevin. This leads to new observations about the Larq Water Bottle Net Value 2022.

What do you know about the financial situation of the company?

All financial discussions began in 2021. Justin Wang’s Company was performing well on the market. He presented a business presentation in which he estimated that his company would be worth 500000 USD based on a one percent share. However, other companies were skeptical of Justin’s presentation during a business discussion.

However, the company’s sales ratio was so high that many people were interested in the business. Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary announced that they would offer 500000 USD to the equity. Wang asked the trio to add up the amount to make it 1.5 million USD.

Larq Value

Many people begin to discuss the value of LARQ Company after this business meeting. The media even published the story. The fact is that the deal was never completed. However, this company’s bank ratio was huge as shown in the financial statement.

It’s close to 6.5 million dollars. This allows the company to market their products. The LARQ business has been growing steadily since the introduction of new products and other purchasing deals. According to the most recent financial statement, the company has already made 30 million dollars in 2022.

Larq Water Bottle Net Worth 2022

Recent financial reports reveal that this company’s net worth is 32.5 millions USD. Experts have identified many reasons for this company’s growth in revenue. Three products are now sold by the company. The most popular product among buyers is “PureVis”.

It has 4.6 rating based on the most recent feedback. The company’s official website has more information. LARQ also has deals with Amazon and Best Buy online retailers. The Larq Company Valu is increasing every day.

What is Trending in the News?

Forbes published a Forbes article recently on the subject. Justin Wang was interviewed by Forbes. Wang revealed the details about the company’s current value in this interview. According to Wang, the company’s present value is close to 50 million dollars. The growing LARQ mechanism is also inspiring many other start-ups.


According to a recent expert, LARQ has expanded its product lines. To reach more customers, the company is innovating new ideas. Experts believe it will impact Larq Water Bottle Net worth 2022.

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