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The multi-day celebration lasts for the weekend and into Sunday. 2022 is the year to be there. People from the United States had fun and felt excited playing many raids during the Lakefair Fireworks2022.

Is there a Lakefair Parade this year?

Yes! Stevens Field, 300 24th Ave., will host a warm-up at 4:45 pm. SE is south of Lincoln Elementary School and hosts a pre-parade warming-up before Grand Parade on Lake ferry. At 5:00, the parade will begin at Capitol Way and 20th Street Southeast. It then proceeds north to downtown Washington. The route ends at the Capitol Lake Overpass. The forecast for Saturday in Olympia is for perfect weather for Lakefair’s many outdoor events.

Lakefair Fireworks 2022

Yes! Yes. The game begins at 9:00 a.m. This year, the competition will take place at the Regional Athletic Complex, RAC, located on 8345 Steilacoom Road SE. It is close to Lacey. The Lakefair fireworks show will take place at 10:15 pm above Capitol Lake on Sunday, 17 July. You can best see them on grassy areas near Capitol Lake or on the grounds of the Western Capitol. You can see it from many different locations. It is possible to view it from a variety of locations, as the rides are open from Sunday evening until midnight. Lakefair Fireworks

What is Lakefair’s price?

There is no additional charge for the Lake fair parade, fireworks, or live performances. However, entertainment, grub, or surprises are not provided at no cost. The Lake fair carnival rides will not accept bracelets this year. Passes must be purchased in-person. On Saturday, the carnival will be open from Noon-10 p.m. and on Sunday from Noon-midnight. You can use a card for $2. These are the tickets costs for rides and games in the amusement parks.

Lakefair Fireworks 2022

Lakefer may be visiting Olympia for a few other activities. One such activity is the Capitol Park Pub Detour. This tour, which began at 11 am on Saturday, July 17, offers discounts and a variety of bars. You can also purchase tickets online for as low as $25 or as high at $45. Wrnghaus will perform on Sunday, 7/7 at the Silvestro Park in downtown Olympia.


After further investigation, we have been able to determine that the event took place between July 13 and 17. It was great fun and made everyone feel excited about the pandemic. Find the event details online

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