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KUBET – KU CASINO is one of the most prestigious bookmakers with a long and transparent history that is allowed to operate officially in the Vietnamese market with the advantages of legality, fast deposit and withdrawal, and convenience. profit. Ku Bet offers online casino games or sports betting, lotteries, lotteries…. With the desire to always improve and renew ourselves. This page has been rebuilding a new playground with more advanced and modern features.

Quality and differentiated services offered by kubet – Ku casino

Chat with the dealer at Kubet

The atmosphere from gambling meccas such as Las Vegas, Venetian Macao, or Casino Estoril will be vividly reproduced at KuBet as Dealers will not only stack and draw cards like in most other online betting sites. Players when joining KuBet will be recommended to wear a headset with a mic to be able to chat with the dealers like in real life.

The genuine experience of chatting and consulting with the Dealer will help players have more choices and more comfortable psychology when fighting at Ku Bet.

With an effective assistant who is always ready to assist you in tactical matters or help if you encounter any problems, it will boost the player’s morale very high. This is a spectacular breakthrough for Ku Bet compared to other websites operating in Vietnam.

Players can choose from familiar entertainment games such as Roulette, baccarat, dice, blackjack, poker of various genres, dragon tiger, poker, fan tan … and many other games.

In addition, at Ku casino, there are also popular gambling products from two world-famous official partners, AG and BBin. All will bring players impressive experiences and profitable opportunities with optimized graphic designs for super sharp images.

Livestream football matches in full HD quality

Matches with poor image quality on mobile apps will no longer exist when you see the match in full HD shown live on the Kubet sport site.

From top tournaments such as Champion League, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A… or matches of the Vietnamese team to matches in smaller tournaments. Ku bet will provide players with matches with many different bets with attractive odds.

Along with that, the side information, in-depth analysis, and pre-match reviews will give players an overview before placing a bet.

With fair articles built by sharp judgments, players will get a multi-dimensional perspective and overview of the game. In particular, many matches will be commented on by Ku casino’s commentator, which will help players best feel what is happening in the match.

This is the biggest difference between the Kubet – Ku Casino site because there are almost no betting sites that provide full reviews and commentators for members’ match tracking needs.

In addition to the current popular house odds such as European and Asian Handicap, Ku Bet bookmaker has a high betting rate, better than some other reputable football bookmakers in Asia. Some types of bets such as Handicap, Parity, Parlay, Over Under, Casino, Live Poker – 3D Poker, Baccarat Live – Baccarat 3D, and running rafters…

In addition to football, other popular sports such as basketball, tennis, badminton, baseball, or e-sports … are all offered by the Ku casino house with attractive odds to serve players. care.

Fish’s shooting online with Kubet

Those who are passionate about fighting fish shooting games will quickly feel the appeal that this game brings to Kubet.

♣ Top-notch graphics help players bring the most realistic experience like fighting in the middle of the ocean

♣ The gun and ammo system is designed to be flexible, and suitable for many different playing strategies and purposes to help players improve their ability to win and bring profits.

♣ Daily offers with great value are also a big difference from online betting on Ku bet.

♣ Players can get many items and heavy weapons without having to spend too much money to equip guns and ammo for victory in the ocean.

Prestigious lottery with high yield at the house Ku bet

Lottery forms on the Ku bet house are very diverse and have a very large payout ratio (1 to 99) compared to other betting sites. The types are as many as the traditional Vietnam lottery. Players can play sacks, cards, and skewers like in reality, but the level of food at Ku Bet is much higher.

 There is also a lotto bet, a live bet with a continuous opening period of the day. Each prize draw is 1.5 minutes apart. Here, there will be MC playing cards and dialing numbers for players.

On the other hand, Ku bet also provides other features such as a lottery with high accuracy. Kubet’s staff also identifies and gives explanations so that players can judge the numbers that will come out in each region through the following forms: dream interpretation, lottery, random numbering method course.

  With algorithms built from scientific subjects such as statistical probability, forecasting science… Ku’s team will satisfy the players because those are objective and grounded judgments, not a personal feelings.

Free movie service on Ku bet

♣ If you want to have fun after betting, players can choose a free movie store with high quality and always updated daily by the service of the Kubet House.

With a diverse and selected source of movies from many countries, we hope to be able to bring you moments of complete entertainment on the high-speed bandwidth platform.

♣ Here you can watch a variety of movies: Swordsmen, 18+ movies, Korean movies, Romance movies…

Why should you choose the kubet for your betting entertainment?

Modern interface, friendly, easy to use, appears on many platforms and devices such as Web, Mobile, App.

♣ The games are optimized to help players achieve the best experience. In particular, Ku Bet has a dealer to chat with within the game to help bring the most authentic atmosphere.

♣ Various sports bets with many different subjects: football, basketball, baseball, games… Attractive odds with accompanying information, comments, and watching online football in full HD with our own commentator Ku bet.

♣ Free 18+ movie store is always updated from many countries

♣ There are always promotions for players

♣ Well-trained and professional 24/7 customer care system

♣ There are always promotions for players

♣ Fast deposit and withdrawal system, safe physical security

Official latest update link for KUBET

Surely many gamers want to access the house but do not know where is the official kubet link. People are worried that they may go to the wrong link of some fraudulent bookie that is not KUBET. This is also understandable because currently, we are a famous reputable bookie chosen by a large number of players. That’s why many people deal with scams, fake kubet login links to steal player information, entice players and then cheat money, reducing the reputation of the house.

Therefore, if you want to participate in playing games at KUBET, be careful in choosing the official login link of the house. This will help you ensure information and safety when playing games at KU CASINO. Currently, the kubet house has many official dealers and the number of players reaches millions of people. Therefore, the house has created many official access links to ensure that they are not overloaded to give players the best experience.

KUBET is one of the official dealers and has the highest number of visitors today. With high transmission speed, players will not experience network congestion or lag when participating.

♣ The link to official kubet is not blocked: https://kubet77.win/ 

This is the link to the official casino of kubet. When you click on the link, you will be redirected to the house’s gaming interface.

Instructions for registering/login at KUBET

1. Register for KUBET

After you have successfully accessed the link to the Ku bet bookie, please click on the “register” section to create a gaming account. The account registration interface will appear and you will need information such as:

♣ Agent account: Keep KU to receive many incentives from KU.

♣ Account: Enter the login account name you want to set.

♣ Nickname: This is the name displayed when you play the game.

Account password: Consists of 6 to 10 alphanumeric characters.

♣ Enter phone number: Enter the phone number to receive the account verification code.

♣ Enter the confirmation code sent to the phone number you entered above.

♣ Check that I am 18 years old, and have read and agree to the house’s betting rules.

Then click “Confirm” to create an account. If your information is correct and valid, you will receive a successful registration notification from the system. Conversely, if there is incorrect information, there will be a notice asking to re-fill the registration form.

2. log in to KUBET

After you have successfully created an account, please select “login” and enter your account name (or phone number) and password to be able to access the house.

In case you already have an account, just CLICK on the link https://ku.ku11.net to log in to your kubet account!

Instructions for downloading the Kubet app

If you want to use your phone to play games on kubet, you can download the app for the best experience. The kubet application is developed by the bookie for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Instructions for depositing and withdrawing Kubet

1. Methos for top-up at KUBET

Currently, our bookie has linked with most banks in Vietnam. Therefore, depositing money into Kubet is quite easy and fast. In addition, there are also many other deposit methods that you can choose from such as:

♣ Top up at ATM.

♣ Deposit via bank.

♣ Recharge via online payment.

♣ Top up kubet by QR code.

♣ Recharge via Momo wallet, Zalopay.

With the above deposit methods, you can choose for yourself the most suitable way. For more detailed instructions on how to deposit money at kubet, Please refer to the following article:

2. Withdrawal rewards steps at the Kubet bookie

Step 1: Visit the house website and log in to your kubet account.

Step 2: Press the letter R (withdraw money) in the upper right corner of the web interface.

Step 3: Fill in all required information to make a withdrawal.

♣ Step 4: Select the amount you want to withdraw and confirm.

Above are the steps on how to withdraw money at the Kubet house, for detailed instructions with specific pictures you can learn more in the article below:

Promotions at KUBET

We not only bring a prestigious and quality playground, but we also have many attractive promotions and many incentives for new members or long-time VIP members of KUBET. Some outstanding Kubet promotions can be mentioned as:

Promotion 20% off the first deposit

This is one of the attractive promotions when players join kubet. When players register and make the first deposit, they will receive a bonus of 20% of the deposit value and the maximum promotion you can achieve is 588 points (equivalent to 588,000 VND).

However, to receive this promotion from us, players also need to meet some specific conditions that the house offers. To understand more details about promotions at KUBET, you can refer to the following article:

Kubet promo 10% for 2nd deposit

This can be considered as our gratitude promotion for members when playing games at the house. With this 2nd deposit, players can receive gifts equivalent to 10% of the deposit value. And the requirement to receive this kubet promotion is that you have to deposit at least 1,000,000 VND or more, the maximum bonus you can achieve is 588 VND (588,000 VND).

KUBET offers a gift of 5 to choose from 1

Perhaps no bookie offers as many incentives for new members as KUBET. In this promotion, when new members register, they will have the opportunity to choose 1 out of 5 special gifts.

To have the opportunity to own a gift, you also need to meet the conditions given by kubet such as the total amount of money deposited into the account must be greater than 5 million VND and the number of times to deposit must be 3 times or more…

The number of gifts is very large, but many brothers also hunt for gifts very quickly. The gifts also have a certain limit on the quantity, the promotion will also end when the gifts are exhausted. The gifts you can receive include:

♣ Backup charger

♣ Bluetooth headset

♣ Sports watches

♣ Bluetooth speaker

♣ Air purifier

Outstanding points of the house KUBET – KU CASINO

Currently, many bookies are appearing, but we are still loved and trusted by many players. To gain the trust of our customers, we have constantly improved and innovated to bring the best experience to our players. The outstanding advantages of the Kubet house can be mentioned as:

High level of security, absolute confidentiality of information

This can be seen as a decisive factor in the reputation of a bookie like KUBET. The bookie thanks the management of the PAGCOR organization, all activities are closely monitored, and player information is kept confidential at the highest level. No one can steal your information at the kubet bookie.

With the advanced casino security system, EWS helps us against any unauthorized intrusion. The MD5 game platform secures information and detects players cheating. If someone commits fraud or does not comply with the house’s regulations, their nick will be permanently deleted.

Simple and fast deposit and withdrawal process

At KU, there is no withholding when a player wins. Perhaps because of this, many members joining KUBET have earned themselves a large income. Our deposit and withdrawal system is linked with most of the current remittance methods. So that you can easily deposit or withdraw money at kubet with a few simple steps within a few minutes.

Joining KUBET is easy

Playing games at KUBET you can play on the bookie’s online website or download the kubet app to your phone for easy use. App KUBET is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The operation to create an account or log in to play the game is also simple to help players not take much time to be able to experience many attractive games.

Professional lobby with attractive Dealer

The professionally designed lobby meets international standards to create an experience like gambling in Macau. Along with that is the presence of beautiful and extremely hot dealer girls, inspiring voices that give players a feeling of excitement and relaxation when playing the game. Dealers are responsible for dealing cards, supporting players, and chatting with gamers. 

This is also a highlight at the KU CASINO bookie that helps attract many members to participate.

Attractive return policy from KUBET

We offer players an extremely attractive return policy that very few bookies currently have can do. For each valid bet level, you will receive the corresponding return policy. The bigger the player bets, the more the refund will also increase.

Some questions about KUBET – KU CASINO

1. Is online betting at kubet legal?

Participating in betting at KUBET players can be completely assured. Because we have been licensed to operate by the PAGCOR organization. This is a famous entertainment and gaming corporation in the Philippines, the government-owned and controlled PAGCOR corporation was established in 1869. Therefore, all illegal activities of the house will be stopped immediately. . Therefore, it can be confirmed that Kubet is a legal house.

2. Is Ku casino also a kubet?

Yes, you are right! Ku casino is one of the casino lobby of the KUBET house. When players register an account and enter this the lobby you will receive lot of fun and promotions in dice games. In addition, Kubet is also a website that shares a lot of online betting experiences that will help you a lot in betting and increase your winning rate.

3. Why is my deposit locked?

This case may be because the information you registered has been duplicated with other members. Or the customer’s full name you enter does not match the identity card or bank. You need to note that the information for each account will not be the same.

4. Is KUBET a scam?

As you can see, we are a bookie licensed to operate by a PAGCOR organization in the Philippines. Therefore, the appearance of the keywords “scam kubet” or similar information is a trick of the competitors. The purpose is to lower the reputation of the house KUBET, thereby attracting members.

5. KUBET homepage is blocked, is the KU house down?

The Kubet bookie is licensed in the Philippines, the server is located abroad and all information is confidential. So players can rest assured of experience without having to worry about the above problem. The information that kubet crashed is just a rumor created by the opponent that confuses players.

6. Why is my account locked for withdrawal?

This is because you have just deposited money but have not placed a bet or have not yet generated a betting round, but have withdrawn immediately. Because to ensure the safety of the system, we automatically close the withdrawal. For assistance, please contact your consultant.

7. Where is the official KUBET homepage that is not blocked?

You can access the official homepage of KUBET at the link: https://kubet

8. Is it fast to withdraw money from playing kubet on mobile?

Playing kubet on mobile or computer does not affect withdrawals. Normally, you just need to enter the correct information to withdraw money after about 5 minutes. Some cases of long withdrawal not received may be due to the bank, you can also contact KUBET support for support.

9. How many Ku Casino accounts can each person create?

To avoid creating virtual accounts for illegal gain, we only allow 1 account for each personal information to be registered. In case of fraud or policy violation, the account will be locked immediately. This is how Ku casino creates fairness for players.

10. Did not receive the Kubet confirmation code?

This case happens very rarely, if you wait for a while and there is no code sent to your phone, you can try again. You should also check the phone signal to see if it is stable. If after many times there is still no code sent, please contact KUBET customer service for support.

Summary of KUBET – KU CASINO

Through the information KUBET shared above, we believe that we have helped you to understand more about the house https://kubet77.win. As a reputable bookie with a large number of members, confidential information, and many attractive promotions will help you have moments of entertainment with the hottest games today. If you want to make money online, quickly register an account to have the opportunity to receive many huge offers today!