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Today, when it comes to lotteries, everyone knows and probably has played through. There are many lottery methods that are applied by many people, so surely the silver lottery method must remember that everyone has tried and succeeded, right? Today’s Ku Casino theme is the memory of the lottery.

Silver memory lottery ?

Let’s explain silver together. Silver is taken in “gambling” and remember is taken in “remembering”, so memory silver is a word used to refer to the method of remembering the rules, the ways of searching in the lottery. It has been studied from the previous methods to produce lottery cards , the method is very popular and has a high winning rate.

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Silver remember the northern lotteries 100% standard for newbies or there are other names like 888 memory silver, 365 memory silver, etc. are all words to refer to the method of remembering silver.

Cases that you will often encounter of silver remember the lottery:

These are the cases of lottery gambling that players most often encounter, so keep them in mind:

Gambling to remember the lottery by the day before the following day:

  • The day before, your lotto fell on the numbers from 1-10, the next day you play the lottery between 6-60 and 89-98, the odds of winning the lot are extremely high.
  •  If the previous day’s lottery fell on the number 24-42, the next day the appropriate number for you to play is 27-72.
  • And if you enter the number 27-72, you should hit 78-87, absolutely not play 24-42.
  • The day before it was about 48-84, the next day you should number 05-50.
  • Today the winning lot is 54-45, the appropriate number for tomorrow is 56-65.
  • The previous day’s lot to 23-32, the next day should hit 34-43.
  •  If the lot reaches 27, the appropriate pair of numbers for the next day will be 27-72.
  •  If 69-96 is the winning number of the previous day, the next day’s probability will be 71.
  •  And there are many other silverware to remember the lot , please refer to it for more.

Gambling to remember the lotto based on the days of the week:

  • The number 33 will usually hit on weekdays, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
  •  The number 97 usually falls on Thursdays and Saturdays.
  • Lot 98-89 is said to be the most frequent on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • The number 56 is the most common on Thursdays and Sundays.
  • The number 66 is usually seen on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Gambling to remember the lottery based on the prizes on special days:

  • Add the numbers in the special prize to 9, then the next day the lotteries will add up to 5.
  • Add the numbers in the special prize to 2, then the next day’s lottery will add up to 9.
  •  Add the numbers in the special prize to 4, then the lot will be added tomorrow to 5.
  • Add the numbers in the jackpot to 3, then there is a high probability that the next day, the total will be 0.
  • Add the numbers to 10, then the next day the lotto will fall into a total of 1.
  •  If the special prize falls on number 05, the next day you should gamble and remember lot 95.

Lottery memory cards that are most often associated with each other and have high accuracy:

  • The pair of numbers 25-52 is most often associated with the number 22.
  • The number 76 is usually accompanied by 47.
  • Lot 11 is most often associated with the number 44.
  •  Lot 77 is also a number that comes with 44 and has high accuracy.
  • Lot number 49 will most often accompany number 23.

Lottery memory usually follows lots and plays by raising popular lots:

  • Lot number 76, you should raise lot 46.
  • Sublot 94, it will return to 33.
  • If one of these numbers is 53, 66, 13 or 08, you should raise 00.
  • Number 24 when raising lots should be raised to 95-59.
  • 2 numbers 74 and 89, their plots will be the same, which is lot 92.

How to gamble the lottery numbers and take advantage of the double play:

  • One day it’s 00, the next day it’s 99.
  • One day it’s either 88 or 77, the next day it’s 22.
  • The previous day’s lot was on 88, you can also double 11.
  • Play lot number 65 if the previous day double lot 44.
  • If the previous day there were 3 double lots, the next day experience told you to hit the lucky number 33.

Gambling, remembering the following ass about dumb:

  • The day before, the ass returned to 1 dumb, the next day the lucky number was 41, 21.
  • The day before, it’s zero, then the next day’s lucky number is 00, 80, 20.
  • If the ass goes to 4 mute, it signals to hit 84 or 64 the next day.
  • As for the bottom 5, the best is to hit the 3 numbers 55, 85, 95.
  • About 6 dumb next day, you should bet on 06, 16, 56.
  • Some doubles like the top 7 dumb and the bottom 3 dumb, this is the most likely case you should hit 73.
  • This is one of the ways to gamble to remember the 100% standard lotto for newbies that we have compiled.

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Gambling to remember the lottery can also be based on a number of other sporadic ways such as:

However, this odd way has a disadvantage that when applying c requires you to have had a ready frame from 3-5 days, if on this specified time frame, you will lose the best, standard time. Best to play the lots below:

Today on 66, it is highly likely that tomorrow will continue to go to lot 66.

Today, lot 45 is released, the next day 80% will be on 09.

Yesterday, you chose to play 58, this afternoon, please continue to play 63 for me.

Lot 68 or 86 won on the previous day, according to experience, there is a high probability that the next day will still enter either 86 or 68.

If it’s 00 this afternoon, you should bet on lot 99 the next day.

Lot to 99, according to previous experiences, the most favorable for tomorrow will be 22.

Yesterday the lot was 22, the next day the number 00 will be the luckiest and most suitable one for you to choose.

Lot to 49, you should raise a lot to fight about topic 23.

Lot 76, continue to raise lot 47 to fight.

If one of the three children below is 53, 66 or 13, the lot should be raised and the number should be 00.

Today the lot goes to the number 94, tomorrow I raise the lot and should hit the number 34.

In the special prize lot for the number 05, the child that you should raise the most is the number 95.

Yesterday, on the afternoon of that date, it was 29, so this afternoon I advise you to type 22.

Today about the number 74, tomorrow the number 92 is your lucky number.

Regarding 29, 24 is the number you should raise starting from tomorrow.

Yesterday afternoon 89 was the number to talk about, today you should start with the number 92.

Yesterday’s topic was 99, today’s topic will be 96.

Regarding 06, the next day the lot will often fall into the number 09.

Before that afternoon was on the number 77, tomorrow you should start raising children from 22.

The topic that day was about the 98, catch it right away and hit the 01 for me the next day.

The topic of 78 is based on experience and remembers the prestigious lottery, the next day the probability of getting into 72 is up to 90%.

So the experience and I accumulated about silver remember the lotto fully and quite detailed. Hopefully, your knowledge of gambling and remembering this lot will help you get more wins every time you join the game.