Do you require furniture that is within your budget for your office, garden or farm? These days, not only the interiors of a house are important, but also the exteriors are also important. This is why people invest thousands of dollars on outdoor furniture to make their gardens and patio appear elegant.

Additionally, there are numerous furniture stores online on the world of e-commerce that offer the latest technology, therefore today we will focus on one such store called Ktdjy. The website has received enquiries by United States shoppers. Keep looking through these Ktdjy reviews.

About Ktdjy

Ktdjy is an online store which offers contemporary furniture at a price that is incredibly low. The site is in huge popularity due to its special offerings and the variety of products. Additionally, customers can locate the right furniture for their home because the website offers many options so that you can pick the ideal furniture based on dimensions, color, type and needs.

Additionally, the website has separated its dashboard into different sections where a variety of products are offered such as bars, dining tables, sets for conversations bistro sets and other furniture sets, etc.

In addition, the website also has a clearance sale, where buyers can purchase the whole contemporary furniture for 80percent off. Is Ktdjy Legit? In fact, a tiny percentage of people are eager to know the truth answer.

Specifications of the e-store

  • Domain creation date-22/09/2021
  • Support service email- [email protected] / [email protected]
  • Contact number- Not disclosed
  • Shipping fee- Not disclosed
  • Paypal policy – Visa policy – Discover and paypal
  • Material return policy: Return is allowed within 14 days
  • Physical address- not exposed
  • Link to homepage:
  • Newsletter- Specified
  • Validity of refunds: Within a certain number of days (specified in the shipping policy page)
  • Delivery time- Receive the product inside 4 working days (period specified in the description of the product)
  • Social media icons- Available on the website

Customers are advised to take the time to read the Ktdjy reviews in depth before making any final decisions.

Why should customers purchase from this site?

  • The portal is HTTPS certified, which means that the details of the customer are secure through this site.
  • The website has an auction sale in which all items are offered at 80% discount.
  • The extensive collection of modern furniture is now available.

Why should customers not purchase from this site?

  • The official website does not give ratings or comments.
  • The interiors and exteriors listed are not exclusive.
  • The site is not accessible to customers who want to connect to the site via telephone and they cannot deliver any items via an address other than the PO Box addresses.

Is Ktdjy Legit?

In fact, it is essential to reveal the legitimacy of the site in order to prevent frauds on the internet. Additionally, scam websites employ various methods and strategies to achieve their fraudulent intentions. Therefore, experts advise you to conduct a thorough investigation prior to submitting your information on a site you are not familiar with.

This section will provide real data that will aid you with your R&D.

  • Domain creation date – The Domain name must be older than six months old to meet the legitimacy test; thus, the website is eligible to be considered legitimate because it was registered on the 22nd of September, 2021.
  • Customer reviews – Unfortunately, none of the Ktdjy reviews are available online.
  • Trust index score: The Trust index score that was obtained is less than what was expected that is just 27%.
  • Social media channels: The identified social media icons have inactive links that lead you to the home page of the specific portal.
  • Validity of address for companyContact us page was deemed to be unfulfilling as it did not contain any relevant information.
  • Impersonated content – Experts have stated that the information has been copied from other sources.
  • Trust index rank: The E-store is suspicious because its trust score is 14.8 percent.
  • Domain expiration date: The domain name expires within less than six months on the 22nd September 2022.

Ktdjy Reviews

The satisfaction of customers is the primary goal of any e-commerce site because it demonstrates the credibility of the site. We have completed the necessary research to collect honest reviews but unfortunately, we couldn’t find any. So, no customer feedbacks are posted on the site.

Summing up

Based on recent research and studies according to recent research and study, this website for patio furniture website is deceitful since it is impersonating the complete interface of the world-renowned furniture store.

Therefore, no customer’s Ktdjy reviews are used to establish its legitimacy and neither is any other evidence readily available. Therefore, consumers should maintain an eye out for such online stores.