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Are you aware about recent news regarding bacteria symptoms in magnesium Citrate Saline Solution? Know why Vi-Jon, LLC recalls many CVS brands. This page will provide all the details. This recall has made this the most viral news item in the United States.

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Vi Jon Recall everything with bacteria:

A Tennessee company decided recently to recall all Magnesium Citrate Saline Oral solution that was flavored with lemon. However, this raised serious questions among the public. It appears that recalling all Magnesium Citrate Saline Laxative Oral Solution brands was done to prevent people using them.

According to some, the solution could have been contaminated. It was sold in Kroger Publix Walmart Safeway Meijer and Safeway as well some other convenient stores around the country.

Vi-Jon, LLC was previously able to purchase Kroger Magnesium Citrate just one lot in June. However, the company has recalled a maximum amount of 30 brands of this product after discovering through microbial tests that they contain Gluconacetobacter liquefciens. The USA Food and Drug Administration later made it clear that it would not use it.

Bacteria symptoms using Magnesium Citrate Oral Treatment:

People were afraid after such an announcement. The company immediately recalled the products. Magnesium Citrate Saltwater Oral Solution might contain bacteria that could cause severe and life-threatening illness. Kroger Magnesium Recall This was done after Vi-Jon, a third party and microbial testing identified the bacteria.

Walmart, Krogers. Safeway. H-E-B. Publix. Target. Convenient stores like Walgreens. It was potentially dangerous and the company has recalled all brands and lots.

The University of California has also confirmed that Gluconacetobacter liquefciens bacteria can be found naturally in fruits, sugar and other foods. It is responsible for causing the fruit’s decay and is used in alcohol fermentations to convert ethanol into acetic acid.

More information on Kroger Magnesium Recall

All the products were recalled following Vi-Jon’s and third-party testing for bacteria. This laxative can be used to aid constipation. This product can be found in most convenient and counter-retail stores throughout the country. It is not recommended to be used as this could lead to serious health issues.

Closing Statement:

Magnesium Citrate Oral Solution is causing fear among medication buyers. This article shares all details. This link will provide more information about the bacteria present in Magnesium Citrate solutions .

This article will provide complete details on Kroger Magnesium Recall along with additional information about the bacteria that is found in its products.

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