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You may not be aware that there are many fake websites popping up each day for internet loot. To make users feel urgent, these websites offer huge discounts and products at an incredible price. has been one of these websites launched in the United States. They have copied logos, trademarks, contents, and content from multiple websites.

To make sure you are fully informed before you buy any product on

Brief: is an online store that offers 244 products. Most of the products can be found in the category home furniture. Koolenmall contains stolen content from many websites, such as

The Koolenmall section on “About Us” is not related, redundant or generic. It speaks of Koolenmall’s status as a fashion store that stocks fashionable products from reputed manufacturers.

Koolenmall currently offers the following items on its site:

  1. Furniture
  2. Appliances
  3. Electronics
  4. Outdoors and sports
  5. Tools

Koolenmall is selling heavy electronic goods such as a 568-litre double door refrigerator at $98.99.

Koolenmall has included Rally as a logo on their website, taking undue advantage the Rally brand. Rally is a highly-respected beer brand.


  • Buy furniture at:
  • Prices: between $98.99.
  • Social media Link:unspecified at Koolenmall
  • Address:unspecified, Koolenmall.
  • Blogs and Customer Reviews: not supported by Koolenmall.
  • Terms And Conditions:unspecified from Koolenmall
  • Privacy policy clearly stated on Koolenmall
  • Phone (or Whatsapp) number:only phone number is 079-1247-753 on Koolenmall.
  • Store locator –unspecified at Koolenmall
  • Koolenmall Reviews FAQ: unspecified at Koolenmall
  • Delivery Policies: unspecified at Koolenmall
  • Shipping policy:unspecified by Koolenmall
  • Cancellation Policies:unspecified by Koolenmall
  • Tracking not possible on Koolenmall
  • Return Policy Fourteen Days of Returns are Accepted by Koolenmall
  • Stocking fee:unspecified from Koolenmall
  • Returns Policy: unspecified in Koolenmall
  • Email address: [email protected].
  • Modal Payment:via PayPal Only in USD
  • Newsletters. Users can include their email to receive newsletters.


All bulky and expensive products sold at Koolenmall come at a low $98.99

  • Koolenmall contains a complete product description with an image illustration
  • Koolenmall features a user-friendly interface, including search, filtering, and sorting options
  • Koolenmall Comments You can choose from a range of variants or clours of the exact same item at Koolenmall
  • Koolenmall boasts a large collection of 244 products, in a variety categories


  • It’s difficult to contact Koolenmall customer care if there is no email address or physical address
  • Koolenmall does not offer the PayPal option.
  • Koolenmall omits payment methods by listing four credit card options in its pages
  • Important policies like shipping, delivery, cancellation and refunds are not stated on Koolenmall
  • Prices for all high-priced products in Koolenmall are unbelievable
  • Koolenmall is not equipped with information related to warranty and guarantee.

  • Koolenmall Creation, 29th May 2022, 17:04.38
  • Koolenmall: eleven years old.
  • Koolenmall. 29 May 2022, 17 :04:41.
  • Koolenmall Ends: 29thMay 2023, 23:59:59.
  • Koolenmall has a life expectancy of eleven months, nineteen days.
  • Trust Index Koolenmall attained a Trust Index level of 1%.
  • Business RankKoolenmall received a Business Rank at 14.2%.
  • Where of origin:Koolenmall has been registered in the US.
  • Status for Blacklisting: Koolenmall does not have to be blacklisted.
  • SSL status:itsIP has a valid SSL cert.
  • Risk Profile:76%.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 21%.
  • Phishing Score67%
  • Koolenmall Score:45%
  • Spam Score76%
  • Contact personunspecified in Koolenmall
  • Security of Connection:Koolenmall employs a secured HTTPS protocol.
  • Social relationships: Koolenmall doesn’t appear on any social media platforms.
  • Contact information and Identity for the Owner: Koolenmall is hiding his owner identity through internet censorship.

Customers Reviews:

Koolenmall appears to be a scam, as four Koolenmall reviews and two YouTube videos suggest. Koolenmall’s Alexa ranking is zero. To avoid being scammed, we advise that you learn about PayPal Rackets.

Koolenmall doesn’t allow product reviews. Customers have not posted any reviews or ratings on other social media platforms, review sites, or the Internet.


Koolenmall concludes to be a Scam. There is no acknowledgement from the customer about the product delivery. We are unable to recommend Koolenmall because of the lack of customer ratings and reviews. Koolenmall was not ranked highly on Alexa Ranking, Trust Score, and Business. Furthermore, Koolenmall scored poorly in the suspicion score . It is therefore recommended to Read about Credit Card Rackets in order to avoid being scammed.

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