According to sources, ex- GPO Congressional candidacy Kimberly Klacik has filed a defamation suit against Candace Owens to cover $20 million damages. After addressing the allegations of Candace her claims, she chose to file a defamation lawsuit.

Candace said during her interview that Kimberly was an stripper. She also worked as the Democratic campaign operative to work for the campaign. Following the announcement an online debate began between conservative commentators.

Kimberly’s followers and fans from her home country of the United States want to know right now the possibility that the Klacik Scam is or if she is being attacked by conservative journalist, Candace.

Who is Kimberly Klacik?

Kimberly Klacik is a businesswoman and politician from the United States. Her birth date was 19th January 1982. Her popularity was boosted after she was chosen to represent the 7th Congressional district in Maryland by the Republican Party in both the special elections in April and November 2020.

In the end, she lost both of the races against Democrat Kweisi Mfume by a margin of 40 points. Kimberly got elected into her position on the Republican Central Committee of Baltimore County in the year 2018. She is referred to by the name of the Republican Strategist.

What is the Klacik Scam All About?

Candace Owens, the conservative commentator, released an online video in which she calls Republican Congressional Candidate, Kimberly Klacik, the stripper fraud. In addition to the declaration, Kimberly filed a $20 million lawsuit for defamation against her.

According to the sources the sources, the case was filed in July of 2021, at Baltimore County Circuit Court. On her YouTube video Owens insists that everyone inquire Kimberly where the entire amount was taken, which was used to fund her campaigns for election. She also mentioned two companies Pearl Events and Fox & Lion LLC in the event that she believes they’re not those who have committed to the Klacik Scam.

But, Kimberly filed a defamation suit against her following the publication and reacted to her allegations.

What was the way Kimberly reply to Claim?

Candace did not want to remove the clip from her Facebook account. She believes Kimberly is a fraudster who conned many people that had backed her campaign for the presidency by donating money.

Kimberly replied to her remarks and posted a tweet in which she stated that the claims made by Candace are flimsy and unfounded. Kimberly has filed a lawsuit against Candace who claimed she was an alleged scammer in order to carry out the supposed Clacik Scam.

On her own YouTube channel she stated that there’s no evidence that she cheated anyone and that no investigation is currently being conducted.

She said she had not access to cash donated by her patron to go camping. The firm has an internal treasurer who will stop this from happening. She enlisted the company Fox and Lion as a part of her campaign.


To conclude, we need to declare that we have no rights to the subject The information has been taken from various online sources. Therefore, Kimberly’s fans need to do more research on the internet to find out if a Clacik Scam is in the works.

The case that was filed by Kimberly is pending in court The judge has not yet been issued as of yet. The case is merely an allegation from a conservative commenter Candace. Therefore, we encourage readers to conduct further study the matter and wait for the verdict to be handed down.