The first meeting is a responsible, exciting moment, which causes a feeling of fear and anxiety in many men. What will it be like? How to behave so as not to alienate the girl? Should I kiss her? 

The answers to these questions will come to you intuitively because most likely you have been communicating with a femme on the Internet for a long and know a lot about her. Therefore, the meeting is a logical continuation of your nascent relationship. As for kissing, there are many opinions, sometimes completely opposite.

Kisses on the first date: Pros

A smooch is a kind of test of how much you are drawn to each other. If there is chemistry between a man and a woman, most likely you’ll kiss passionately by the end of the rendezvous. This behavior is inherent in impulsive, hot people and a smooch acts as a test of whether your temperaments match each other. When it comes to hot Arabian women, you’ll get a charge of incredible energy and vitality. Follow-up meetings with them are guaranteed. 

A kiss on the first rendezvous is an indicator of how much a girl likes you. Believe me, if she isn’t interested in you, she won’t let you touch her. And if she responds to the kiss – there’ll be a second date! Try to be as gentle and skillful as possible to interest your lady even more. 

Don’t think about technique, just let go of your emotions and merge with her into a single whole. Sincere kissing can do more than the right technique without feelings. In the process, you’ll be able to adjust to each other and achieve harmony. 

First date kisses: Cons

It all depends on how successful the meeting was. If you are shy all the time, afraid to speak, then the hugs will look ridiculous and inappropriate. A smooch is a continuation of an acquaintance, not a reason. Therefore, it can happen only when you like each other and you want to continue communication. 

Don’t forget that a Slavic wife is a woman brought up in accordance with ethics and etiquette. It’s quite possible that if you reach out to kiss her, she won’t reciprocate because of the stereotypes imposed. In this case, you’d be understanding, patient. Perhaps the time has not yet come. And you, with your persistence, can make her feel that you only want sex. This will scare the woman away.  

If a lady hasn’t aroused your interest, you should not kiss her. Don’t give the lady hope to continue the relationship. Say goodbye nicely and try to turn communication into friendship. 

Don’t speed up the process of your close acquaintance with hugs and kisses, let her dream up, thereby fueling her interest in you. Then there will be second and third dates.

What else shouldn’t be done on a first date?

In no case do this during the meeting if you don’t want to scare the woman away: 

  • choosing an extreme location. Yes, the idea isn’t bad, but it’s unlikely that a nerd girl will like a biker gathering or a clubber will be excited about Baptist meeting;
  • scrolling through the news feed on your phone is a 100% loss;
  • getting carried away with stories about yourself (she won’t be interested in all the details of your life, believe us);
  • asking immodest questions (how many partners she has had, for example);
  • playing silent;
  • lying that you take your relationships very seriously. After all, that doesn’t work at the beginning of an acquaintance;
  • epatage is a bad option if you want a girl to like you;
  • constantly looking at watch is the height of bad manners;
  • being too frank about for your life, your problems, and failures;
  • arguing about anything, proving yourself right. A lady is unlikely to want to deal with a too self-righteous male;
  • insisting on paying the bill. Perhaps she wants to show you her self-sufficiency, give her that opportunity;
  • you definitely shouldn’t introduce her to your parents on the first rendezvous, as well as talk about your future children and living together. 

No matter how you prepare, dating will run its course. Will it be successful or not – sometimes it doesn’t depend on your efforts. Perhaps, the femme is not your option. But don’t despair. If you like a woman, ask her out for a second meeting, it’ll be more revealing and informative. In any case, the main rule is to be open and sincere. Then a smooch and next dates won’t keep you waiting.