Kissable Lips is a Korean BL drama with a vampire theme. Ho, a nearly dying vampire who covers up as a university student, is introduced as the protagonist. Ho camouflages as a regular person, attends university and takes a photography class for amusement despite having lived for decades. His health, however, is rapidly deteriorating and is obliged to do something inhuman to save himself. Vampires are not designed to punish humans, or they will face severe consequences. Even so, he is edgy and feels he has no option but to lure unsuspecting humans as his prey. Ho’s mortality has decreased since he took someone else’s life years ago.

You can watch it on here, Ho can only save himself from death in one way, drinking from the blood of a “pureblooded” human who has fallen out of love with him. By this, Ho will cease to be a vampire and resume his human life if that happens. This remedy, however, only works if the person finds love in the vampire. He intends to approach a poor innocent Min Hyun and drink his blood because it is his only chance of survival.

Min is a normal university student who is amused when Ho notices him. He’s fascinated by the fact that he’s flirting with the most famous guy on campus. The two men become closer as they join forces to work on a photography project. Ho eventually shows up and takes Min to his secret getaway, where they can have their intimate time alone and nature their romance. Here, Ho comes dangerously close to kissing Hyun. When they ran into each other again, they were socially awkward and fidgety. Ho is uneasy because his health has continuously depreciated. The two students end up in a concealed safehouse where they openly admit their feelings and thoughts for each other. After confessing their feelings toward each other, they share their first kiss but are cut short by Hyun’s brother.

As a child, Min came perilously close to being kidnapped. Because of this incident, his elder brother has become overly protective, keeping a watchful watch on his younger brother. Hyun is against his brother’s will and likeness and disregards warning. While at that, Min takes pleasure in his free time relaxing with Ho, completely unaware of his lover’s dangerous identity. While Min is preoccupied with having a fling and courting, Jun is fixated on his dwindling mortality. He’s determined to come up with a strategy to drink his classmate’s pureblood as soon as possible. However, doing so could endanger Hyun’s life and possibly kill him. Hyun’s sincerity has caused Jun to second-guess his decision as the two men spend much more time together. Is it worth it to hurt Min to save himself?

Kissable Lips moves forward one year following Ho’s death. However, Min hasn’t moved on from this experience and still thinks about him constantly. It is his big regret not having a photograph with Ho to remember him by. In the final scene, he steps on the ring Jun had dropped on the ground by accident.