This article details the Kevin McClam Case Missing and highlights the key facts to help the reader understand the case.

Do you have information on the 1997 disappearance case of a teenager? Are you seeking information about the investigation and missing teenager? A case of missing persons was filed in the United States in 1997. It is still not solved by the authorities.

This article provides crucial information about the Kevin McClam MISSING case. It also reveals the investigation report that officials created during that time.

Kevin McClam, who is he?

Kevin Lamont McClam (also known as Alexander) was the missing teenager. The teenager disappeared from South California in 1997. Police still have no clue as to why.

On March 31, 1997, he vanished from Goose Creek. He was 14 when he disappeared.

More details about Kevin McClam Missing case

Kevin was last seen around 1:00 a.m. at Charleston naval Weapon Station, United States due to his family’s posting during that period in the U.S Navy. It is reported that Kevin was playing video games late at night, while his parents were asleep.

Kevin was not there when his family members awoke. The family called police to investigate the case of Kevin McClam.

The clothes were found at a construction site with spray paint and no sign of struggle.

Was there a witness during the investigation.

Kevin was seen wandering around the construction site near his disappearance by an eye-witness. According to the witness Kevin was only wearing sneakers or boxers.

Thomas McCardle became the prime suspect for the murder of Kevin McClam in 2006. It was an arrest in the Kevin McClam Murder investigation.

Michael Moorcroft, another suspect in the case, says that Thomas McCardle killed the teenager. They were not able to provide any evidence so the case against them was dropped.

What was Kevin McClam like when he disappeared from your sight?

Here’s what we know from the investigation as well as the internet about Kevin McClam’s exact appearance at the time he disappeared.

  • Height and weight: 5’7’’ and 140 pounds
  • Characteristics: African American male with black hair. The gap between his upper teeth is called Alexander.
  • Clothing: A long-sleeved, brown/white-striped shirt, pants with a long hem, and black/white heels.


We saw that police tried everything possible to obtain information regarding the Kevin Missing case . However, they were unable to get the desired result. This case remains mysterious and no one knows what has happened.

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