We offer a wide selection of Kenwood two-way radios as a Kenwood dealer. In addition to the sleek and powerful NX-5300, there is the NX-320, as well as the NX-820 that packs 45 watts of power. Here’s a look at some of the best Kenwood two-way radios to help you choose the right one.

Two-Way Kenwood Radio Comparison

NexEdge Radio NX-300 UHF

The device has a large screen (larger than the NX-320) and can display more than twice as many characters simultaneously as the NX-320 can. The device allows for easy access to more information. It is easy to customize to meet individual needs. Furthermore, the device can operate a large number of channels and frequencies thanks to its large internal memory.

Even the toughest jobs can be handled with this device’s resistant to water and dust. Because of this, it has become a popular option for marine environments and construction sites alike. The excellent sound quality of the radio complements all the added features.

PKT-23K from Kenwood

Are you searching for a lightweight and small radio that won’t take up much space? Just 3.9oz, this is an excellent option to consider. However, it still offers a wide range of features and functionality despite its compact size. In addition to being 1.5 watts, it provides superior communication across all buildings – including those as high as 17 floors.

For a radio of this size, the built-in battery offers 15 hours of life, which is quite remarkable. It is equipped with a Micro USB port for easy programming. In addition, it features a 3.5mm audio jack, so you can use it with a variety of phone cables and accessories.

Kennewood NX-5300

The NX-5300 is the newest flagship radio from Kenwood. Both a P25 public service radio and an industry-grade UHF radio are available in this radio. Having this attribute puts the NX-5300 in a class of its own.

This radio is packed with all of the features you need – such as Bluetooth, GPS positioning, and an SD card slot. It is extremely durable, resistant to dirt, dust, and water. It provides a minimum of 10 hours of continuous power.

NX-320 NexEdge UHF radio by Kenwood

NX-320 features a new design and is compact while still offering all of the functionality, specifications, and rugged durability that radios Kenwood are known for. You can quickly train your team on how to use this model’s display and function keys, which have been specially designed to be easy to use.

Though it’s on the smaller side, it has all the same capabilities as the larger models, including overall power capacity and call quality. Two models of this radio are available, one of which has a display screen and the other does not.

NX-820 from Kenwood

You cannot find a more powerful Kenwood radio than this. With 45 Watts, this radio is more powerful than any other radio. For even the longest days, the phone offers a longer range of communication and a longer battery life. The device is fully compatible with NEXEDGE and includes full analog conventional, LTR conventional and NXDN® conventional on the inside. Additionally, it is trunked and supports trunked IP networks.

It includes a GPS receiver and alphanumeric aliases of 10 characters. It has an IP-54 rating, making it resistant to dust and water intrusion.