Did you hear about the tragic accident that resulted in the death of three Jeanerette siblings? Kamryn Simmons was 15, and was one of the victims. They were originally from Louisiana and were citizens of the United States.

Her family recalled her as a beloved child who was close to her mother and had a special place for children. She also had a gentle personality. According to the Kamryn Simon Obituary she was a student at Acadiana Christian School and was growing spiritually as well as personally.

What exactly happened in the accident?

Kamryn, Christopher and Lindy, three children from a nine-member family, were killed when their car collided with a Chevy pickup truck traveling in the wrong direction on Interstate 49 near St. Landry Parish. John Lundy (54), from Dallas, Georgia was declared dead at the scene. Lundy had a blood alcohol content of about three times that allowed for impaired driving.

Lindy Simmons, the SUV’s driver, was killed in the accident. As mentioned in Kamryn Simmons Obituary, Christopher and Kamryn died at the hospital.

About Lindy Lindy Simon

Lindy, a Nicholls State University student, was remembered as a kind and funny young woman with a keen eye and close relationship with her family. She was also passionate about travelling and learning about the globe.

Her photographic career was flourishing before she died. She had just been named official student photojournalist at Nicholls, and she secured her first project.

Lindy’s positive attitude attracted people around her. One of her most remarkable traits was the way she loved and connected to others. She’d recently gained confidence and turned from shy young woman to a beautiful, confident woman.

What does Kamryn Simon Obituary say about her career aspirations and goals?

Kamryn dreamed of a job that allowed her to travel the world with her friends and work remotely. Christopher dreamed of attending college to study software engineering and he hoped to have a larger family than his parents’ nine children.

All of the obituaries mentioned that Lindy had big plans for her future. She wanted to be a successful photographer and marketer, and have a large family. Katie DeRouen was the oldest sibling and documented the family’s grief after each death.

The Kamryn Simon Obituary mentions how the internet support has greatly helped her parents to get over their grief. Many thousands of people from all over the world sent condolences and contributions to the family.


John Lundy, a Dallas, Texas resident, was driving his pickup truck the wrong way and collided into Lindy’s SUV. Lindy was travelling with her brother, sister, girlfriend and their mom Dawn Simmons.