This article provides honest Breathebalm reviews on the website that offers pergola.

Are you interested to find out more about the ecommerce platform that sells pergolas? If so, you’re most welcome to this blog post.

This blog will provide you with all the information necessary to verify authenticity. Additionally, pergolas can be purchased to enhance your garden. We’ll also cover all details in this review. This store has been highly ranked in recent searches because of its appealing products and low prices. Additionally, you will get additional benefits when you order from the United States.

Let’s find out more about this website by reading these Breathebalm Reviews .

Additional information about Breathebalm

Breathebalm was founded to offer high-quality, custom and general products. Brand has also investigated all available platforms to ensure the product’s durability and affordability. You will find many swing sets, mattresses, and pergolas on the website. You can get as much as 16% off on certain items.

Looking back, it is apparent that only 24 items are currently available on the website. This includes a 12×12 Gazebo with electricity and a 14×10 Pergola. But Is Breathebalm Real.


  • Official website link-
  • Products-Pergolas
  • You can reach us at +91 907-957-0333 for customer service
  • Shipping costs – US customers pay no shipping charges
  • Payment method-Paypal
  • Newsletter-Specified
  • Domain launch date – 30/05/2022
  • Social media connections- Not mentioned
  • Material return policy – Can take up to 30 working day
  • Refund policy – Refunds are accepted within 2-5 days
  • Shipping period- 5-8 working days
  • Physical address: It is at 1410 5th St. Suite 411, Santa Monica, CA, 9401 United States
  • Email address- [email protected]

Indeed, there are many fraud entities that can be found on the Internet. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you go through the shopper’s reviews .

Positive aspects of Breathebalm

  • Online transactions can be made safe because the URL of this website is HTTPS secure.
  • The site includes detailed information on the product.
  • US buyers are exempted from shipping charges
  • The site has shared all of its contact information.
  • Special discounts will be available on select items

Negative effects of Breathebalm

  • There is no customer feedback on the website.
  • The site is not active on any social media portals.
  • The website’s exterior looks almost identical.
  • The website was recently launched.

Is it legal to use Breathebalm ?

In this section, we provide a detailed analysis on the site’s validity so that interested shoppers can identify it as valid. You will also find many sites on the internet that are not authentic and use different techniques to further their fraudulent purposes.

Additionally, the experts have provided some authenticity criteria for shoppers to aid in their investigation. Without further delay, let us now review the below-described points.

  • Domain launches
  • Customer comments – No customer ratings are published online. Positive Breathebalm Reviews can be found online.
  • Domain expiration date: The domain name will expire 30/05/2023.
  • Trust index score- The site has a shockingly low trust index score of 2%.
  • Social media connection – At the moment, the website is not available on any of the social media portals.
  • Originality of address – The provided company name is quite invalid. So, customers should not place their trust in it.
  • We are not impressed at the content quality. Some of the information is blatantly plagiarized.
  • Discount Offers- This website offers many specials, such as free shipping, flat discounts on select items, and so forth.

Customer Breathebalm Ratings

Experts always recommend looking at the feedback from shoppers before making any online shopping decision. This will help to prevent scamming. Unfortunately, there’s no feedback from shoppers. Similar to the previous example, online reviews pages and social media sites are also not available. It is recommended that interested shoppers wait for more valuable information. Find information about the paypal scam.

Wrapping up

It was discovered that the offering website is not trustworthy as no Breathebalm reviews are available on the internet. All potential buyers are advised to avoid this site. We are available to help you if necessary. Find out here if have lost your money using this website via credit code.