Find out about the tragic story that occurred at Josh Page Edison High School Huntington Beach and what the aftermath has brought about.

The high school experience is where students of the young age discover themselves and are at the peak of their lives. You build lasting friendships and want to inspire pride to the school community. There are often tragedies within the United States that could cause sadness and grief over families who have lost loved relatives. One recent instance was the tragic death of Josh Page Edison High School in Huntington Beach, which people are reeling over right now. This article details the events that took place to Josh Page and respects this young man.

Who was Josh Page?

Josh Page was an 18-year-old star football player who was a students of Edison High School. He was among the most well-known personalities at the school and was well-known for his imposing personality. But, many of his friends have referred to him as a total silly jolly akin to a gigantic Teddy bear. In high school, Page was planning to enter the Navy and work as an underwater welding technician.

Fatal collision with Josh Page Huntington Beach

The day was as any other day in that Josh Page and his younger brother Jeremy were driving around in the Ford 250 when there was an important collision with the Silverado. The accident occurred on the intersection of the Newland street area , and resulted in Josh dead at the scene.

The police investigation.

The vehicle has been registered to the official city website, which resulted in officials from the Irvine Police Department to take the lead in investigating the investigation. Based on preliminary report, no substances or alcohol have been discovered within the system. The issue is still in its early stages and needs to be is being investigated in depth to determine if involvement of foul play.

Josh Page Edison High School Huntington Beach

A flurry of outpouring and shock came to light of this tragic incident that saw many set candles to light vigils to express their grief. Josh Page was scheduled to play on Monday against Capistrano Valley High School but was pulled out. Instead, his fellow students have appeared in the media to share their personal stories of the brilliant person Josh Page was. The Mayor Barbara Delgleize issued a statement and held a meeting with parents of students from Edison the high school.

How do you get involved?

There are many things unclear about the situation regarding Josh Page Edison High School Huntington Beach. In the meantime, the Irvine police has provided details of Detective. Roberto Solis at (949) 724-7024. If you have information or know someone who was a witness to the crash Don’t hesitate to reach them to look into the matter more thoroughly. It is also possible to show up for a vigil to demonstrate your support for the amazing soul of Josh Page.


If a tragic event happens it is not uncommon to be asked regarding the reason they were affected. It forces us to consider our existence in this world and how precious every minute is with those we love dearly. Therefore, it is unfortunate that Josh Page Edison’s life Josh Page Edison High School Huntington Beach was taken off the planet far too fast. But, the impact he had on the people that he touched will be something people will be able to remember for an extended period of time.

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