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Do you know John Paul the Apostle? Is he the reason people are looking for him? Is he a well-known personality in the United States Many people are trying to find John Paul. It is popular on news websites. John Edward Paul and his wife lost their lives in May 2022. John Paul Reyes can also be misunderstood to mean John Edward paul. You can find the explanation in this article.

This article will talk about John Paul Odessa TX.

A Brief Note on John Paul

John Paul Reyes is his full name. John-paul Carrion Reyes (also known as John-paul Reyes E Carrion), John-paul Reyes, John-paul Reyes and Johnpaul Reyes) are all other names for him. John was born 27 August 1984. Many people from all walks of the planet wanted to know more details about John.

John Paul is Hispanic American. His religious beliefs are Christan. It is now clear why people are looking for John Paul. John Edward is the actual reason. John Edward was sadly gone on May 10, 2022. His memorial service will be held on July 14, 2022. People are now searching for John Edward Paul as John Paul Odessa TX.

Who is John Edward Paul?

John Edward Paul was a decorated man during Vietnam’s decoration. Joyce, his wife and John Edward Paul lost their lives in a car accident on May 10, 2022. Edward was the son of Earl Paul and Irene Schmitt Paul. He graduated from Polytechnic High School.

John Edward served in Vietnam as an army intelligence Captain. He received the Bronze Star. He got married to Joyce in 1977. John had several family members, including Joyce, Robert Noah York and Kelli, his stepson. Kelli was his daughter. Ashley Paul Amos was his great-granddaughter. Christopher Paul Lia York was his grandchild.

John Paul Odessa TX

John Reyes Paul, however, is another person. He is not John Edward Paul, nor any of his family members. These two people are not related. They are distinct personalities. John Reyes Paul, currently 37 years of age. If you’re curious about his family, we have some names.

There are only a few details online about John: Joshua Reyes; Jeremy Carrion Reyes; Dayanelie Reyes. These are just a few of his relatives. John Reyes has a net worth between $50,000 and $99,000. John Paul Odessa TX‘s yearly income is between $20 and 29,999 These are just a few of the details that we have found about John Reyes Paul from internet sources.


Here are the key details concerning John Paul. We have collected the data from many online sites and made it available here. John Edward is sometimes misunderstood as John Paul. Because John Edward died, many people mistakenly search for John Paul. For more information about John Paul you can visit this.

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