The Irene Store reviews will tell you everything about the legitimacy, product, merits, and demerits. You will also find out many other surprising facts.

Are you looking to find fashionable clothes and stylish shoes? Irene Store has the perfect place for you to shop for your favourite item. This online shop offers gorgeous products for kids and men as well as women. This online store offers goods for people in the United States of America, South Africa,, and the Philippines. has all the best goods. You can order them online right from your home. Irene Store will guide you through the purchase process. This review will provide information on various products and other important details.

Irene Store

Irene Store sells a variety of trendy products online, including fashionable dresses and exquisite footwear. There is no need for you to shop elsewhere if the garment you desire is available online. All available in one shop. Visit this website to discover unique and beautiful products. These are just a few of the items that you can find on this website.

  1. White Black Flowing, Printed Dress
  2. Blue Coloured Flowing Closure You’ll also learn Is Irene Store Legit .
  3. Brown Microbag
  4. Beautiful Fashion Sneakers
  5. Fashion Handbag from Diana
  6. Female Xmas Dress
  7. Flowing cotton dress
  8. Women’s top with floral pattern
  9. Grey Color Shoe for Women
  10. Ladies Flair Top
  11. Ladies, Easy Wear Slippers
  12. Block Heel Sandals and a Bag
  13. Slim Fit White shirt
  14. Turkey Linen Shirts
  15. 3 in 1 Ladies Handbag

Not only should you know the product details but you also need to check the legitimacy of this website. So, let’s discuss whether really is legit. You’ll also find all the details in this Irene Store Review .

  • Link of Website to Buy Products:
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Social Media Links Not available
  • Product Price: C
  • Reviews from Customers:Not available
  • address:One Chase Manhattan Plaza New York NY 10005 USA
  • Terms and conditions:Not applicable
  • Privacy Policy: Not available
  • Telephone No.+1 554 883 2032
  • Store is not able to provide a store location.
  • FAQ and Help:Available through
  • Delivery Policies:Unspecified
  • Shipping policy:Unspecified
  • Return Policies: Unspecified on the Website
  • Return Policy: Unspecified
  • Irene Store reviews On Tracking:Tracking works by email at the given email ID.
  • Method of Payment:Euro
  • Newsletters: Not supported

  • It ships products worldwide.
  • All orders are sent immediately
  • Goods are handled with care

  • Customers have found it hard to decide on the right product because there are not enough reviews.
  • Informing website existence via social media is also difficult due to a lack of presence on the internet.
  • The return policy does not allow customers to request a refund for wrong products.
  • The website also does not contain information regarding the refund policy.

Is Irene Store Legit

  • Creation24th Juni 2021 at 12:54
  • Ends:24th of June 2022, 12:00:54
  • Age: 0 Year 11 Months 30 Days
  • Trust IndexTrust score from are 5%
  • Connection uses HTTPS for security purposes.
  • Status of are not blacklisted
  • Contact Person
  • Social has not been made available on any social platforms .
  • Reviews We don’t have any customer reviews for the products.

User Reviews

A lack of customer reviews makes it difficult for other customers to decide whether or not to buy the product. Website is also suspect due to the lack of social media presence. Because of the website’s low trust index score, beginners should avoid it. Irene Store Commentswill assist customers to decide whether they should purchase products from the website.

This site has not been reviewed on any of our reliable platforms. Because of its lack of reviews, we don’t advise you to rely upon it. To avoid fraud, check out the Credit Card Frauds.


It would be best to avoid purchasing products from unreliable websites. We don’t recommend you to rely solely on this website. It has a low website age, a lower Trust score, and there is no social media linkage or reviews on either the reliable platforms, or on the products. Please Beware of Online Scams .

Is this Irene Store Rating instructive? P

This guide contains information about an online store as well as unbiased Johanhouse reviews that will help you make smart decisions.

Are you looking for decorative items for your living room? Do you wish to shop online for home decor products?, an online store that sells home decor products for living rooms and paints for them, is a great option.

The store also sells home decor items.

The store claims to be in the United Kingdom. It is also serviceable anywhere in the UK. For wise buying decisions, make sure to review the Johanhouse reviews before ordering from the store.

What does Johanhouse mean? is an online store that sells many products used daily, including wall hanging paints, home décor products, and replacement parts for vacuum cleaners. The store offers many products at affordable prices, and promises faster and simpler returns.

The product categories have been divided into different sections to facilitate shopping. Consumers also have the option to browse product descriptions before purchasing any item.

All of these are important, but conscious online buyers in the United Kingdom need to read honest reviews and get feedback to find out Is Johanhouse Legit.


  • Website –
  • Products – Home Appliance Parts Decorative Products and Canvas Wall Arts
  • Payment Modes: PayPal and All Major Cards Payments
  • Email – [email protected]
  • Phone number – +441382200014
  • Address – 103 Nethergate Dundee Angus, DD1-4DH, UK
  • Email Newsletter – Subscription not Available
  • Domain Age Checker: Six Months, 19 Days. Created Dec 05, 2021
  • Shipping and delivery – All orders are shipped within the UK. There is no international shipping available. Shipments are processed within 48 hour of order and shipped within 3-4 business days. DHL or FedEx are the delivery partners of the store. All orders come with a flat shipping cost of 4.99 GBP
  • Return and Refund- The store allows you to exchange or return your products within 30 days of delivery, according to Johanhouse reviews. Return the product within 30 days of delivery if it’s damaged, faulty or is incorrect. Refunds are issued upon inspection. This process can take 6-7 days.
  • Social Media Presence-Not Active on Social Media


  • You can choose from a variety of products for your home decor.
  • Wall hanging arts, replacement parts for vacuum cleaners and parts for vacuum cleaners
  • Multiple payment options
  • Available for return and refund

Cons by Johanhouse

  • I am not active on social networking platforms
  • Delivery and shipping costs are not included.
  • Only in the UK

Johanhouse Scam Or Legit?

Online shopping is on the rise and many people fall prey to various online scams. scams are often avoided by doing thorough research before you shop.

  • The domain of the store was created six months ago (on 5th December 2021) and is still only six months old. It’s suspicious that the domain was only registered for one-year and will expire on 5 Dec 2022.
  • The trust score at the store was 8%. The trust rank, however, is only 48.1%. Due to such low ratings and ranks, further evaluation is required.
  • There are a couple of Johanhouse reviews in the store’s review section. The reviews are all positive and cannot be trusted to determine their legitimacy. There are no online reviews.
  • The identity of the owner is unknown. does not have the address.
  • The store does not have any active social media pages, so comments and feedback will not be found.
  • This store is only available in the UK. It charges a flat shipping cost.

These researches indicate that the store cannot legally be called legitimate. You will need to do more research and analysis in order to make informed buying decisions.

Customer Review!

There are no Johanhouse reviews online, but there have been a few positive comments on the store site. These reviews are all positive, and they are not considered to be a deciding element in evaluating the shop’s legitimacy.

Avoiding unnecessary scams is why it is so important to check the store before making a purchase. To increase your safety, please read these tips to report PayPal Scams.

Conclusion is an internet store that sells a variety home decor products as well as wall hanging arts and household appliance parts. The Johanhouse reviews are the only online reviews available. does not have reviews that can be used as a way to verify the legitimacy of the website. Therefore, it is recommended to do more research before you decide to shop at You can find helpful information on how to report Credit Card Scams and avoid any unnecessary scams.

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