This news gave a detailed insight into the conference of Joe Biden.

Did you see the Easter Bunny during Monday’s briefing at the White House Press Conference? Did you ever wonder why Psaki wrote the comment “no Bunny business anymore”? You can read on for more information.

After the White House annual press conference, people from the United States got a surprise when the White Bunny appeared on Monday’s program! Also, the following explains why Bunny was not able to speak before Psaki.

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Joe & Easter Bunny Details

A conference on Easter Bunny took place in Washington, D.C. The conference featured the topic of egg-curation. Biden attempted to answer questions from reporters about Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Afghanistan.

Biden was stopped by the biggest Easter Bunny-dressed person as soon the reporters asked questions. Surprised, the Easter Bunny appeared at the seminar in the afternoon and blessed everyone with Easter wishes.

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Did the President have a plan?

It was not difficult to see that there might be questions regarding visiting Ukraine and disagreements over when Pakistan and Afghanistan should be addressed in the press. Staff came up with an idea to use the Easter Bunny as a reporter and the Easter theme to help answer such questions.

Joe helped Bunny avoid all the questions and scenarios that reporters would ask. Bunny was present, as per plan, at the White House press briefing on the 18th of March to visit children and offer some entertainment.

Fun Facts about Joe Biden’s Easter Bunny

  • Before the White House conference, the Easter Bunny bought vegan candy for the First Lady and President.
  • A variety of dairy-free and traditional sweets were also purchased in celebration to support the eastern tradition.
  • To celebrate an eco-friendly event with many cheery people, eggs ready to dye were kept in a safe place.
  • Bunny assisted PETA in the dissemination of information on animal rights and safety when animal exploitation is occurring.
  • The Easter Bunny delivered a speech about egg roll celebrations, an annual tradition.

Why Joe Biden is the Easter Bunny Hot?

The Easter Bunny is a surreal character that was created to celebrate Easter for children with huge television wishes. The President and Bunny attended the speech, and they shared a healthy message.


This news summarizes the launch Annual Easter Traditions on Monday at White House. The egg-curation was part of the Easter roll eggs that were launched after two years under Joe’s presidency.

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