This Jif Butter recall post will provide updates to our readers regarding the reasons for the recall. To learn more, please read the following.

Jif Butter: Have you ever tried it? This product can be found in many countries, including the United States as well as the Canada. Then, suddenly, everything changed. According to new reports, Smucker Company has recalled peanut Butter due to one hazardous substance. This Jif Butter recall article will explain why these products were recalled.

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Why did the Jif butter get recalled?

A study done by the FDA a few months ago found that Jif butter contained Salmonella Senftenberg. This can be dangerous for humans. Their products were recalled. J.M. Smucker Company recalls Peanut butter with lot code numbers between 1274425-2140425. All persons were asked to discontinue the consumption of products with the above-mentioned number. These products should not be sold in grocery stores.

When Will Jif Peanut Butter Return to Stores

Jif Peanut butter was a favorite of many. But, due to the Salmonella epidemic, many products that were sold up until May 21, 2022 were recalled because the substance was dangerous to humans. Since then, everyone has been asked by the FDA to discard their products.

There is currently no information on when their products will return to stores. Research is ongoing. We will notify readers when the FDA releases the most recent reports on product approval. Stay tuned to us for all the latest information about their products.

We hope we have provided all information about Jif Butter Recall. We’ll also provide you with some background information about the company. Stay in touch to learn more about this well-known company.

About J.M. Smucker Company

Orrville is home to the headquarters of this company. Smucker was established in 1897 and began producing food products. Chief executive officer of the company is Mark Smucker. This company was started by Jerome Monroe Smucker. They sell coffee and pet foods, syrups as well as ice cream and preserves. They are sold in all major stores around the world.

This is a very common topic today, so people search for Butter Recall. Recent problems have been faced by the company following this outbreak. We will notify you when we have more information.


This post summarizes the information we have on this well-known American company. The FDA demanded that the company voluntarily recall their products. This was in response to the company’s peanut butter. Once we have sorted out the issue, we’ll update our readers. We are certain that the products will soon be available in stores. The buyers will have to wait some more.

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