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Are you curious about the lives of international actors and fascinated by watching dramas or films that feature these characters? If yes, then we have a big announcement for you. A famous Australian basketball player and basketball executive have brought up concerns over the writing of Magic Johnson’s character on the show “Winning Time “.

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Who is Jerry West?

The full title of Jerry West has been changed to Jerome Alan West. He isn’t a normal man. He is actually the American Player Executive of Basketball and was a former basketball player as well. He played for NBA which’s official name can be described as National Basketball Association, in Los Angeles Lakers. He also has the nickname the Mr. Cutch, and this name was bestowed to him because of his remarkable ability to play in an emergency.

Jerry West is a famous player across the world, including within America. United States. The new series is being released by HBO where Jerry West is a crucial part in the role of Magic Johnson.

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About Winning Time

Winning Time is a Sports Drama of America developed in the hands of Max Borenstein, accompanied by Jim Hecht. The show is based upon an original book, whose title is Showtime. This show has ten series exactly like the book since it is an adaptation of the book. The premiere of this drama series took place on the 6th of March.

The full title of the show can be found here “Winning Time: The Rise of The Lakers Dynasty”. The title implies this series or drama explores the struggle of the Lakers Basketball team who came to prominence on their own and gained fame.

Jerry West Lakers Coach

The series is being a hit among the people of America and the main reason for this is because in this show, Magic Johnson plays a important role. Jerry West does not agree with this, according to the sources.

According to sources, Jerry west is unhappy with the manner in which Johnson smiles as well as his size. He has decided to not take on Magic Johnson further in the series.

It’s now a cause of concern because Jerry West is not an ordinary person and his opinions is not to be ignored or ignored. Jerry West also claims that his behavior in the show was not true. Jerry West has a distinct personality that he displays.

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The Bottom Line

HBO is a major platform, and the new drama just launched on it is also important to the general public since it follows the story through one of the major basketball teams known as the Lakers. Also no matter what Jerry West claims regarding his part in the show the owners must examine the matter.

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