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Jeff Gladney

Jeff Gladney, a Canadian footballer, was born on 12/12/96. He was an American footballer. He played two seasons in National Football League. Gladney also played college basketball at TCU. The Minnesota Vikings drafted Gladney in the first round 2020 NFL Draft. Gladney, unfortunately, died May 30, 2022. He was killed in a Dallas, Texas car crash. He was supposed take part in the 2022 NFL football season. Due to his tragic death, he couldn’t take part. People are saddened by Jeff Gladney’s Death.

High School and College

Gladney played at New Boston High School, New Boston, Texas and became a three Star recruit. On February 5, 2015 he signed with Texas Christian University to play college soccer. Gladney preferred TCU over offers from Texas State (Tulsa), Texas State (Tulsa), and UTSA.

Gladney was a first-teamer in the All-Big 12 Conference by Pro Football Focus. He also earned second-team all Big-12 honors by the coaches. Even though he had an injury before his senior season, Gladney played the whole year. He waited for surgery to be performed before the season ended.

Jeff Gladney Wiki

Wiki provides extensive information about Jeff Gladney. After recording five interceptions he was named to Senior Bowl’s 2020 roster. He was named to the All-Big 12 first-team honors by The Associated Press. The NFL draft evaluators praised him for his physical style. Gladney also signed for the Arizona Cardinals.

The football fans are shaken by Jeff Gladney’s untimely passing. People are devastated to hear of his passing. At 2:28 a.m., he was involved in a fatal car accident. Some reports indicate that there were two vehicles involved. The accident involved two vehicles, according to some reports. Gladney Crash also shocked the family.

Jeff Gladney Family

It was discovered that Jeff had a 1-year-old son from an earlier relationship. His family has suffered irreparable loss. His friends also pay tribute.

Gladney was inside when the accident occurred. The white car lost control and collided with the vehicle in front. Investigators were about the reveal the names of the victims.


Jeff Gladney’s tragic death has brought tears of joy to his family members and the well-wishers. His death has irreparable consequences for society. Jeff Gladney’s son is known, but Gladney Girlfriend has not been revealed. Gladney, who was 25 years old, died in a car accident. With sadness, many people said goodbye to Gladney. Click the link for more.

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