The Coronavirus pandemic has massively impacted the entire world and resulted in the collapse of multiple businesses. Anyway, the global crisis catalyzed rapid technological growth and stimulated digital transformation across various sectors. Organizations started enhancing technologies to impart value to customers and multiply business expansion and progress. With customers greatly opting for online services and products and because of the pandemic-induced constraints, companies began focusing on building an online presence to cater to the requirements of the target audience. With the integration of technology in every sphere and taking into account the rapidly transforming business scenario, there has been a whole lot of digital transformation in 2021. Jaro Education has listed some of the top digital transformation trends of 2021, which are as follows:

1. 5G to become the New Normal

5G has already gained much popularity in 2020 and from 2021 onwards this technology has gained much importance. The 5G network offers impressive speed and great connectivity that can cater to the expanding demand of the consumers. With 5G becoming conventional, it would offer great connectivity, improved user experience and outstanding digital collaboration.

2. Blockchain to Witness Development

With widespread technology adoption in 2020, blockchain has attracted much attention. Even though initially, it was related to cryptocurrency, blockchain technology is now implemented in varied industries, particularly in the financial sector. Blockchain’s applications are constantly being speculated and explored. Quite recently, our country arranged a panel that is emphasizing on the potentialities and applications of blockchain technology across varied industries. Shortly, blockchain is likely to play a major role in cybersecurity and will develop with increased application

 3. Emphasis on Cybersecurity

The pandemic that surged up in 2020, had made cybersecurity extremely crucial as there were numerous attacks on organisations in terms of cybersecurity. As the majority of companies opted for remote mode of working, there came up the need for excellent and efficient security measures. Rigorous Cybersecurity implementations are one of the prime concerns of organisations adopting digital transformation strategies. According to Jaro Education, the pace of digital upgrades must fall in parlance with a company’s security programmes and resources.

4. Focus on Digital Banking

The banking and finance industry was one of the most affected sectors during the Covid-19 pandemic. The majority of their services took to online mode and the concepts of digital payments, digital credit application processes, etc became widely popular. They are focused on upgrading the digital user experience through implementing effective digital transformation strategies. Shortly, we will notice an upsurge in digital banking operations. As per Jaro Education, Digital payments facilities, as well as digital banking, will restructure the alternation in the financial sector.

 5. Wide application Customer Data Platforms 

According to Jaro Education, data widely influences the current customer-centric business models of organisations. Anyway, storage and management of data can turn out to be cumbersome if you do not have adequate resources and proper infrastructure. This is when Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are utilised. There is an ample amount of data available nowadays. However, businesses often do not end up implementing them to the utmost limit. Data analytics has eventually turned out to be an important component to enhance growth and efficiency. Taking into consideration these factors, CDPs are most likely to transform digital strategies across different industries.

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