After being in the news for saying “Let’s Go Brandon” on an evening phone call with the president Joe Biden, the Oregon father of four is taking on his new fame as a symbol of conservatism within America. United States.

In an interview with Steve Bannon’s podcast about insurrectionists this week, Jared Schmeck Company was wearing the red MAGA cap and advocated for electoral denialism.

What exactly is it?

Both the president as well as first lady Jill Biden were linked to Schmeck the ex-cop, who is 35 years old employed by an electric firm and receiving messages from NORAD “Santa tracking device.” Although Bidens and the Bidens inquired of Schmeck about his kids’ wish lists for Christmas, the phone call ended with Schmeck laughing and screaming “Come on, Brandon,” a typical right-wing euphemism meaning “Disregard Joe Biden.”

However, after the video became viral and an the public outcry began, Schmeck stated to the Oregon publication that he didn’t wish to hurt anyone and said it was just intended to be a “joke.” In the meantime, Jared Schmeck Company claims to have been in danger because of the First Amendment right to free speech, and that he had received threats from phone calls.

What did the author say?

I’m aware that the phrase “Come on, Brandon” has a negative connotation however, I’m not basic-minded, regardless of what I think of Brandon. “From the appearance of him it appears that he’s a nice person. There’s no animosity or anything similar between the two sides. A simple joke meant to express my God-given freedom to express my anger in a fun way. I love him the same way as I love any of my siblings.”

Jared Schmeck CompanySome comments!

Just a couple of days after Schmeck said to vice president Joe Biden that he had “no animosity” toward Biden Schmeck was on the podcast of the far-right called War Room Pandemic, hosted by the former Breitbart Chief Steve Bannon, who was recently indicted for the contempt charge by Congress for refusing to comply with an indictment regarding the Jan. 6 attack at the Capitol. The most well-known 2020 election people who lie is Bannon whom he has talked about wanting to oust “the Biden administration.”

Feedback from Schmeck:

Schmeck who wore an Red “Make America Great Once More” caps, claimed that the family he was with “had an enjoyable laugh” at the time that Jared Schmeck Company first mentioned the phrase. Schmeck later said the phrase was used “light-heartedly.” But Schmeck also said it was a chance to “express my displeasure at this person and his administration.”

“I don’t follow anyone in blind faith,” Schmeck said, making the same remarks to other media sources regarding his Christian faith and dedication toward “God first and first.”


Jared Schmeck Company Corrected Bannon by saying, “That’s completely incorrect.” My opinion is that Donald Trump should still be president, since he’s my President.