James Clive, a famous writer on cultural Amnesia or totalitarianism, has shared his views. Although the famous writer, critic, TV anchor and novelist died in 2019, his work is still in high demand. On 26th August 2022 the CBC Radio of Canada rebroadcast his conversation with Eleanor, which was originally telecasted in 2008.

His views on cultural blindness can help people understand the current world. James Clive Obituary has discussed the life and work of the writer, as well as his views on cultural amnesia.

James Clive’s Death:

Clive James, a broadcaster and writer of Australian origin, died at age 80 in 2019. Clive James was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010 and succumbed to kidney failure in 2010. He survived the incident but continued to work, entertaining his audience with his comical humor.

His agent said that he suffered all the pains of the illness, which grew over time and forced him to quit his job. He finished his work one month before his death, and continued fighting the disease for ten more years.

Clive James Quotes Updated 22:

His quotes and writing are still very popular with his audience. Younger people also love them. One portal recently updated his 120 quotes and made them available for the audience. Below are some of his most famous quotes.

  1. Don’t worry, nobody ever makes it out alive.
  2. Common sense dancing is a sign of humor.
  3. Different people are not the same as everyone else.
  4. He stated in one quote that fame is not better than a good life score.
  5. A Bible education is not an education.
  6. Clive James Quotes on teaching ” Remembering what you have learned is the key to effective teaching.”
  7. Never trust anyone who listens before forty.
  8. “I saw, and I came, so I copied. “Julius Caesar’s Canadian Version of Memories”
  9. Our failures are what civilize us. Triumph is a confirmation of our habits.

CBC Radio Podcast by Clive James:

Eleanor Wachtel, a company host and writer, joins the writer to discuss his book Cultural Amnesia. It was originally broadcast on CBC radio in 2008. However, it was retelecasted on 26 August 2022 due to public demand.

James Clive Obituary his views on Cultural Amnesia.

His perspective on culture and its importance in modern society is interesting. He believes that culture is what binds us all, and it’s something people only realize in times of crisis. He also stated that there is always a race between barbarism and civilization. He also states that culture is what binds us all together and allows us to see how far we’ve come in our evolution as humans.

Final verdict:

James Clive’s quotes and teachings are applicable to all societies and offer a new perspective on life. James Clive Obituary believes his views and quotes on different aspects of life will inspire everyone.