Are you familiar with Jack Lyons? The child is now a household name for autism awareness campaign in North Bay. North Bay. People are now talking about Jack because he’s an ambassador for “Light It Up Blue”. It’s an autism awareness camp located in The North Bay. The news is being spread across Canada.

Mark Lyon, the father of Jack Lyon, expresses his gratitude to them for helping his son. Mark believes that the campaign can aid people in understanding “Autism” and spread awareness to the general public. Jack Lyons North Bay Jack Lyons North Bayis the ideal example for increasing awareness of the psychological issue.

The Blue Boy of North Bay

Blue is the color associated with autism-related advocacy. In”Light, it Up Blue, “Light, it Up Blue” campaign, participants and guests have be wearing blue. The color is used as an image to help spread awareness of the disease. Jack Lyons is already famous as the “Blue boy” in society. Jack is only fourteen years old.

People know Mark with his first name. Mark is very grateful that society and people acknowledge his son. On the 2nd of April, Mark and his team created the “World Autism Awareness Day” at the town hall.

Jack Lyons North Bay

The event is attended by a lot of people to celebrate the cause. However, Mark also remembers the moment he first started to promote the cause. It was initially difficult to develop an awareness-raising campaign. However, as time passes, people begin to understand the significance of the issue. Mark also expresses his appreciation to all his family and friends for their support in advancing the cause.

At present, Mark is selling items such as socks and mittens to raise funds for “Light it Up Blue”. Highway 17 is the primary market where Mark to sell these items. The people who buy this product are as well as helping to support the cause.

Jack Lyons North Bay – the Sock Man

Mark describes the time he came across Jack’s disorder. However, Mark determined to fight back and help Jack in his tough situation. In addition, Mark decided not to quit in this situation. The main goal of the campaign is to assist the specific kinds of children within the community.

Mark as well as his crew have begun making plans to assist these children. Apart from the awareness campaign the campaign also raised funds to support the work of children with special needs. Mark was inspired to sell socks and was subsequently known the “Sock Man” of the region, and his teenage son was Jack Lyons North Bay.

Why the News is Spreading

This summer the community has created an exclusive playground for children with autism. The primary purpose of the garden is the fact that it offers these children sensory panels with different the appearance of light and textures. Thus, the children are able to enjoy time with their peers and their parents. Numerous media outlets have reported information about this worthy cause.


According to the most recent report, Mark and his team have raised $56000 dollars in funds. The money will be used to fund the awareness campaign and for the development of children with special needs at North Bay. The son of Mark is well-known for his role in Jack Lyons North Bay. We rely on internet sources to display all information.