In Elden Ring, there are a lot of different items that players can buy from different Merchants, but not all of those items are useful, and some of those items can be found without much trouble.

To say that Elden Ring is packed to the gills with items would be an understatement. The Lands Between offer a wide variety of sights, activities, and items for players to discover and amass. Tarnished will acquire a wide variety of Key Items, crafting materials, armor, weapons, spells, consumables, and other items over the course of their journey. There is no penalty for carrying things, even though players have the option to store their belongings in specialized storage that can be accessed from a Site of Grace. This means that players can hold everything they find in the game on their person, which can quickly lead to the inventory becoming cluttered with unnecessary items.

It can be difficult for players to decide what, if anything, they should buy from Merchants because they will come across so many different items in their travels. Players will come across a variety of items. This guide takes a more in-depth look at what Merchants have to offer the Tarnished and the different types of items that players SHOULDN’T buy in order to better assist them as they make their way through the extensive and drawn-out campaign that Elden Ring offers. This could be due to a variety of factors, such as the cost of the item, the availability of similar items in the game world, or the overall usefulness of the items.

Festering Bloody Finger

When players are just starting out on their journey through the Lands Between, they will run into a non-player character known as White Mask Varre. The character will insinuate in a chilly manner that the Tarnished does not have a maiden (which has resulted in a plethora of hilarious memes). It is in everyone’s best interest to keep the crude NPC alive, despite the fact that some people might be tempted to eliminate him for his crude behavior. This is due to the fact that players will encounter him once more in a location known as the Rose Church, which can be found in the region of Liurnia of the Lakes that is characterized by its watery terrain and is close to Raya Lucaria. In this area, White Mask Varre will provide players with a quest that has elements of player versus player combat (PvP) such as invasions.

After players have completed the quest, White Mask Varre will give them the Bloody Finger as a reward. This is a tool that enables players to conduct an unlimited number of invasions, effectively rendering the Festering Bloody Finger item, which can be purchased from various merchants, obsolete.

The Arrow of St. Trina

In Elden Ring, players who make extensive use of bows will be rewarded with a variety of different types of ammunition throughout the course of their experience with the game. The variety of arrows and bolts that can be purchased from Merchants is quite extensive; however, not all of these arrows and bolts are particularly useful. An excellent illustration of this is St. Trina’s Arrow, which has a Sleep build-up effect of 96 and can be quite expensive (each one costs 160 Runes). It is possible for players to make their own arrows based on Sleep, despite the fact that the possibility of doing so may be tempting.

The Sleepbone Arrows are more cost-effective to produce, despite the fact that each hit with one of them only adds 84 less Sleep to the user’s total. After finding the Isolated Merchant on the path that leads east from Raya Lucaria, players will be able to purchase the Fevor’s Cookbook 2 from that vendor. With an investment of 3500 Runes, players will be able to craft 10 Sleepbone Arrows at once by combining 3 Thin Beast Bones with 1 Trina’s Lily. This is accomplished by combining the two ingredients. Those who find themselves using Sleep Arrows frequently will end up saving a considerable amount of Runes over the course of the game.

Rune Arc

After the player has unlocked and started using Great Runes, they will start to get a better idea of how useful Rune Arcs can be. The use of these consumable items is the only way for a player to unlock the dormant abilities of the Great Rune to which they are attuned at the moment, and if they die, they will have to use another Rune Arc. During the early to middle game, there are a few merchants strewn about the Lands Between that offer these Rune Arcs for sale at a price that is considered to be quite steep. The price of each Rune Arc will be approximately 4,000 Runes.

Rune Arcs are extremely valuable and helpful, but despite this, they are not particularly difficult to farm. Players who have already defeated a particular boss or who have progressed far enough in the story can go back in time to previous bosses and leave their summon signs for other players to use if they want to fight that boss. The players will receive a Rune Arc as a reward after they have successfully defeated the boss. In addition, it is possible to utilize the Blue Cipher Ring, which enables players to be summoned by other people who are being invaded in order to assist those people in repelling the invaders. Rune Arcs can be obtained for free through Player vs. Player and Boss-based activities respectively.


During their travels through the Lands Between, players will have the opportunity to gather a variety of raw materials for use in crafting. The Bloodrose is particularly useful for players who wish to inflict bleeding damage on their foes because it can be crafted into items such as Blood Grease and Bloodbone Arrows, both of which cause damage in the form of a bleeding effect. It is possible to buy an unlimited supply of Bloodroses from an Imprisoned Merchant in the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum, but it is also possible to farm these materials by simply gathering them together. If you choose the latter option, you will not be able to buy an unlimited supply of Bloodroses.

The players will discover Fort Haight and the Rose Church much earlier in the game than they will discover the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum. In these two locations, bloodroses can be found in large numbers.


Soap serves a number of purposes in the Elden Ring universe, despite the fact that it might appear to be out of place there at first glance. The use of Soap extends far beyond simply preventing the accumulation of Poison, which is why many players only use it for that purpose. Soap has the ability to remove certain accumulations, such as being covered in oil that can catch fire or being wet, which makes a player more vulnerable to lightning damage. Many players will equip themselves with large amounts of Soap in order to facilitate their movement through hazardous zones. The use of soap can also have a cosmetic effect, giving the impression that the character is spotless and unblemished.

Although it is possible to purchase soap from a vendor, making your own bar of soap is actually quite simple. The only thing that players will need to do is locate Metled Mushrooms, which can be found growing in the Siofra River (in addition to Deeproot Depths). In the earlier parts of the game, getting to Siofra is relatively straightforward, despite the fact that the enemies there can be quite challenging for characters of lower levels. Players will need the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 17, which can be purchased from a Merchant located in the Siofra River for a price of one thousand Runes. This will allow players to craft soap.

Gravel Stone

The following piece of advice is offered solely to players who are absolutely certain of their prowess in the field of battle. Gravel Stone can be crafted into Dragonwound Grease, which, when used appropriately, can contribute to an increase in the amount of damage dealt to mythical beasts. Having Dragonwound Grease on hand is largely pointless at this point in the game because there aren’t very many dragons roaming around the Lands Between, especially in the early game. Having said that, players who make it very far into the endgame will most certainly find it useful to keep some of the items close at hand.

It is possible to purchase Gravel Stone from a Merchant, and for the vast majority of players, this will almost certainly be the best choice. Those who are confident in their ability to farm a dragon and have a desire to save the runes can travel to Crumbling Farum Azula and engage in combat with the dragon that can be found to the south of the Dragon Temple Lift Site of Grace. Every time you fight this monster, elden ring black flame build will undoubtedly leave behind three pieces of Gravel Stone.

Starter Gear

Those players who are seeking to accomplish the Elden Ring quest “100% Completion” by acquiring every possible weapon, armor set, item, and spell should avoid reading this entry. You are free to forego purchasing the Starter Equipment offered by various Merchants if your primary objective is to rush through the Lands Between and ascend to the position of Elden Lord as quickly as possible. After the player chooses a class at the beginning of the game, they will automatically receive a weapon and some armor of that class.

The items that belong to classes that have not been selected will be sold by random merchants located all over the Lands Between. The Confessors Armor Set, the Prison Iron Mask, the Broadsword, the Blue Crest Heater Shield, and the Battleaxe are some examples of the items that fall into this category. If players don’t place a high priority on acquiring all of the cheap Elden Ring items, they may not be as concerned with acquiring the best gear as early on in their journey. In this case, it may be beneficial for them to research what each starting class has available to them.