Shoppers outside of the Zellers department store at the County Fair Mall in New Minas, Nova Scotia., January , 2012. Paul Darrow for the Globe an Mail)

Is Canada ready to go down the nostalgia lane with its entire population? Is the nation ready to be surrounded with red interiors and quality products at the one-stop shop for all of their needs? HBC reports that the answer is yes.

Hudson Bay’s Company will bring Zellers back home to its land in a revamped experience starting in 2023. HBC will offer a new online shopping experience in addition to the physical stores. We keep digging deeper into ” Are Zellers Coming Back“.

What happened to Zellers’s business?

The pandemic of 2020 saw the closing of 300 Zellers stores. HBC released the press release about the store’s revival on August 17th 2022. This follows news of Zellers pop up launches in Burlington and Montreal.

Canadians frequented Zellers during the late 1990s and early2000s, when the retail chain was in its prime years. This news brings back memories and anticipation for modern Canadian shoppers.

Since the closing of Zellers stores was gradual, the answer to When Did Zellers Close is ambiguous. The latter part of this question is however answered explicitly. In the new year 2023, Zellers retail stores will be set up and expanded quickly from coast to coast.

What’s New with the New Zellers?

HBC promises to revive Zellers outlets through allowing it to access its national network of brick and mortar locations as well as the establishment of an ecommerce shop. There is not much information available about the expected number of stores or floor sizes for each store. However, estimates are similar to the Burlington pop-up shop.

Is Zellers Coming Back?

This is not a question that has an answer. According to the official press release, there will be a variety of utilities available in the categories of furniture, houseware, toys, clothing and accessories for pets. These products will be consistent with Zellers’s integrity and price-for-quality policy.

A Zellers home label will also offer a value-driven and design-led product line. This private brand will eventually introduce apparel. These physical locations will have a presence in the major Canadian cities. The signature restaurant, mascot, intercom and signature diner that are all part of Zellers to the Hip have yet to be mentioned.

Last steam to the crease Zellers Returning to Canada

HBC’s Chief Business Officer explains why Zellers is grounded in Canadian culture. Zellers’ revival promises to bring back the community that used these stores for their everyday shopping.


Canadians will see the revival of their beloved retail chain Zellers in the early 2023. After the announcement of Zellers pop up shops at different locations, this decision was made. It is clear that ” Zellers Is Coming Back” is a fact. The physical stores will be followed by an ecommerce site.

Are there any memories of your shopping days with your family that you are nostalgic about? Please share your memories with us in the comments section below.