Are you in search of an online store that offers an exclusive collection of rings? There’s a store located in the United States which sells a stunning and impressive selection of rings, clothing and other items. Therefore, you should go and look around without waiting around for any item.

Is vicykay legitimate or a fraud? Buyers can find all the information regarding the legitimacy of this post since it provides all possible information about the site. Read the entire article with care and concentration to ensure your security standards.

Is this store legitimate or is it a fraud?

If we tell you immediately, without doing any research to prove that this shop is genuine Would you believe it? Absolutely not. This is because words do not have any guarantee until you have go through all the official details of this site. Customers are smart enough to search every legitimate detail of any site , and only purchase from it. Information such as Vicykay Reviews aid shoppers to get the real truth about these stores. So , be cautious when purchasing any product on these websites.

  • Domain registration The 29th of November in 2021 will be the year of its creation, which has less than 6 months to go.
  • Registration: REG.RU is the registry for the domain
  • trust score 1 percent is the lowest trust score for
  • Information that is missing Contact details like telephone and email addresses aren’t included in the layout, rendering it unsecure to use.
  • Policy on Privacy: every one of the mandatory policies , including exchange, shipping returns, shipping, and other safety guidelines are stated by the proprietor.
  • Pages on social media Based on the question: Is vicykay legit? we were unable to discover any of the pages of that store across any of the social media platform.
  • Feedback from the buyer We were unable to discover any relevant responses from customers regarding their collections. In addition, there were no reliable and relevant reviews from other reviews websites.
  • The data transfer There are also security protocols such as SSL and HTTPS that are employed to transfer information.

The information is sourced proven from reliable sources so you can trust their exactness. The information we have received indicates that the website isn’t functioning in some aspects. This could indicate a scam site or one which no one has purchased anything.

Brief Details

We looked up is Vicykay Legit and gathered many details from multiple sources . We found that this retailer sells various jewelry, clothing, and shoes, and other items. They can be bought at one store from your home.

  • Different types of rings such as Opal ring set, butterfly ring set rings, etc.
  • Men’s and women’s shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Clothing such as sweatshirts, hoodies etc.

You can purchase these products that you like with fantastic deals and discounts. Therefore, take advantage of this offer that is only available for a limited time immediately.


  • Purchase clothes from
  • We couldn’t find any information about customer service details such as phone, email, or address of the business in the layout of this store.
  • Based on the question: Is vicykay legit? We scoured the reviews of customers, however we did not find any reviews in their catalog nor on any review websites.
  • Refund/Return policy:
  • If you are not satisfied, you can contact customer service within three business days after the date of arrival of the item.
  • Prior to shipment, you may request a refund within 6 hours of making your purchase.
  • Shipment policy:
  • It can take 10 days for custom items to be delivered to you.
  • Payment options: Visa, Master Card, PayPal.

Highlights that are positive

  • Up 70% off according to the conditions and terms.
  • The site uses Https in addition to SSL.

Negative Highlights

  • The email address, address, and telephone number are not there.
  • There were no social media pages. were present.
  • No customer responses were identified.

vicykay Reviews

We scoured a variety of information on the site, however the key problem is that we could not locate the necessary information such as email address, address and phone number to provide customers with reference. Additionally, we were unable to find reviews of their collection. There were also no social media pages on the platforms we could locate. We were unable to locate any information relevant to this site on any other review websites. This is a reason why this website is doubtful. The website’s popularity isn’t measurable as per Alexa Ranking. This means that only a little customers have visited the store.

The Final Report

Based on Are Vicykay Legit We discovered that the store was registered just a couple of days ago. It even had an expected lifespan of just one month. The trust score of this shop is low and cannot be taken seriously.