This article details the fraudulent activities that were used to take customer’s money using Amazon Prime Day. Read more details about Is Prime Day a Scam.

Are you interested in the Amazon shopping season? Want to learn more about the Amazon shopping season? Continue reading for all the details you should know as a customer.

Amazon’s amazing offers for online customers from the United States have delighted them for the past two days. Along with questions about offers, the most popular question is’Is Prim Day a Scam‘. Let’s find out more.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 Scams

Amazon Prime Day is offering a range of deals for customers. The offers are available for customers on 12th or 13th July 2022. The official Amazon offers are not the only ones that are available. Scammers also take advantage of the event.

Scammers use fake email addresses to scam customers and create websites with the name Amazon. To scam customers, they redirect them to other payment methods. FTC data shows that Amazon impersonators stole money in 2021 from 5,411 customers. Let’s start with’Does Prime Day Make Sense

Why Prime Day Targeted?

  • Official reports show that the number of scams perpetrated during Amazon Prime Day is multifold when compared to other days.
  • Fraudsters target customers by sending them fake emails and advertising with huge discounts.
  • Prime Day sales, which are supposed to offer great discounts, don’t seem suspicious.
  • They try to mislead people into believing that Amazon is the only company.
  • To make their scam more convincing, online fraudsters use the original Amazon Logo and its designs in the emails and advertisements.

Prime Day is a Scam?

  • First of all, Amazon Prime Day has nothing to do with scams. Prime Day sales are conducted by Amazon to offer products to customers at a discounted price.
  • Phishing increases around Amazon Prime Day because fraudsters are able to get more potential customers.
  • Amazon boasts a large user base of 148 millions Americans. This large user base is what scammers use to target during peak sales seasons.
  • These spam offers are sent to non-Amazon customers as well, and they relate to Amazon Prime Day.

How can you avoid scammers?

  • Avoid clicking on flashy pop up ads. Continue reading about’Prime Day Scam?
  • To order products, make sure you use official websites
  • Other than that, users can use the official Amazon App listed on Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store to buy products.
  • Avoid using the links that are provided in the emails that mention Amazon discounts.


Amazon Prime Day offers massive discounts. But, as a informed customer, make sure that you only access the Amazon app and website. Please visit this page for more information on the topic.

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