Lab-grown Diamonds
Is Lab-grown Diamonds Investment Worth It?

Should I invest in lab-grown diamonds? This is one of the few questions a lot of people ask about synthetics stones. Well, the answer to the question is both yes and no. You don’t need to invest in these lab-cultured diamonds if you don’t have all it takes, such as enough funds. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that investment in lab-made stones.

In the rest of this post, you’ll find a few reasons investing in the best lab-grown diamonds on LG Deal is worthwhile.

Why should you invest in synthetic diamonds?

1. The future is bright

According to Statista, the global lab-created diamonds market size was estimated at 19.5 billion U.S. dollars as of Q4 of 2019. Experts also predicted that will most likely rise to $49.9 billion by the end of 2030. This trend shows that the future is very bright for people in the synthetic stone industry.

2. Portability

Unlike many gems out there, diamonds are generally portable to carry around. So, by investing in these stones, you won’t only be enjoying the physical attraction benefit that comes with owning them. Instead, you’ll also enjoy their financial benefits, which include reselling them on reliable marketplaces. 

3. Affordability 

Another reason lab-made diamonds are worth investing in is that they are generally inexpensive when compared to naturally mined stones. One factor that makes natural diamonds very expensive is their manufacturing process, which could take years. However, that’s not the case with synthetic stones, which mostly sell at 30 percent less than the price of natural diamonds of the same weight, size, and quality.

4. Environmental sustainability

By investing in laboratory stones, you’ll be contributing to the environmental sustainability of the world. According to various researches, the diamond mining processes have a lot of negative effects on the environment. These impacts include deforestation, soil erosion, and the destruction of the ecosystem. That’s not the case with man-made diamonds; so, they are pretty safe and better for the environment.

5. Perfect for your look

Apart from the financial benefits of laboratory-made stones, these cultured diamonds can also go with everything you put on. This is another reason for you to consider investing in them. Instead of saving your money in the bank, investment in these diamonds will certainly provide you with two different functions. First, you get to save money by carrying them all around. Besides, you’ll get to enjoy the fashion benefits attached to pairing them with your favorite bags and clothes.

How exactly does lab-created diamond investment work?

Now, you already understand that lab stones are worth investing in. The next question is how exactly does this investment work?

  • First, when investing in lab-grown diamonds,  you need to read and get familiar with its basic terminologies, such as the 4Cs.
  • You also need to understand how much it’ll take you to invest in these cultured diamonds.
  • Furthermore, investments in lab-grown stones also require you to learn and understand their diversification. This will certainly assist you in making the right decision when looking for quality products.

That’s not all; to make the most of this investment, you need to go for cheap synthetic diamonds that could give you a higher resale value in the future. The best way to find cheap and quality stones to invest in is by buying directly from manufacturers. You can also consider using a good marketplace, such as LG Deal, to buy lab-grown diamonds.