Kathryn Bernardo, a Filipino singer and actress, is very popular. Many media outlets have called her “Asia’s Superstar”. She is also known as the Box Office Queen of her generation, being the only Filipino actress to have two films that earned more than P800 millions each. Forbes Asia has listed Bernardo as one Asia-Pacific’s most prominent celebrities on social media, as well as Metro Society as one the Most Influential on Twitter by Metro Society. EdukCircle also listed her among the most influential celebrities of the decade. Bernardo is most well-known for her roles on hit TV series like Mara Clara and Princess and I, Pangako Sa ‘Yo and La Luna Sangre. She’s also appeared in blockbuster movies like Crazy Beautiful You, Barcelona: A Love Untold, The Hows of Us, Hello, Love, Goodbye.

Is Kathryn Bernardo Married?

Kathryn Bernardo is a well-known actress from Philippines. She has not yet announced any marriages or engagements. Although she has been in relationships with many actors over her career, her current boyfriend is Daniel Padilla. Padilla and Bernardo are a couple who have been together for ten years as a loveteam. However, they are still not married. According to Cristy Fermin (showbiz columnist), the wedding of the “KathNiel” couple is set for 2023 according to her informant.

Are Kathryn Bernardo & Daniel Padilla married?

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla talked recently about their future plans, and whether or not they are ready for marriage. Garcia-Molina suggested that 27 is still a young age, but Padilla believes marriage is the “next chapter” in their relationship, especially after they have been together for ten years as a loveteam. The couple initially intended to marry at their current age. However, they admitted to being uncertain about how they would tie the knot.

Kathryn Bernardo Wedding

Cristy Fermin, Cristy’s showbiz columnist, says Kathryn Bernardo is marrying Daniel Padilla in 2023. Her informant. In September, the “KathNiel” couple hosted a celebration for their fans. They have nine blockbuster movies and nine prime-time drama shows. This information can be changed at any time and should not be considered official until an announcement is made.