People these days are in love with their high-quality photoshoots. They look for various studios whenever they want to capture some beautiful moments of their life with professional photography. People living in Australia are also considering photography studio hire at Gold Coast. However, those who cannot afford studio photos download their applications on their smartphones.

You cannot prevent risks especially when you have a smartphone in your hand. On one hand, technology has completely revolutionized the way people communicate and capture photos. On the other hand, there are many risks involved.

You put your data at risk when you download a photo and video application. However, when you are installing them, you are asked about the level of access you are given. As matter of fact, no matter how much you deny, granting access to the database of photographs collections on your phone is unavoidable.

The title of the post has posed a question that must be answered before we proceed as to whether safety gets compromised.

To some extent, the answer to this question is yes. But again, some concerns are also drawn.

Why does a downloaded app ask for permission to access?

If you want to upload photos to the apps you have downloaded for various purposes like editing pictures etc. you will be asked to give access. When the app supports the storage of the pictures, it will ask for the storage accessing permission.

What do applications permissions do?

Real human users are always expected to give a number of permissions when they try to use an app of photography. If the user doesn’t give these permissions, these apps will not be able to function properly. Whenever you download an app, make sure you read the permissions that you will be granted.

How to protect your phone?

Various steps can be taken. Some of these are:

Never download the app without reading its specifics and reviews:

Many apps are designed by Intruders to get into your device and compromise the data. Therefore, you should be careful as to which app you are downloading and what are the reviews of people about it. You can also see the features specific app is going to provide and have people like it or not.

Don’t panic:

When you download the app and it is about time you install it, it will ask you for various permissions. There is no way the downloaded app can take permission from you forcefully. Some people keep granting permission in the flow and then realize that they have overdone it. In this situation, you are required to be patient and read everything thoroughly before you say yes.


Suppose you have downloaded the app carelessly, you still have an option to delete it immediately. It is important to use the internal feature of the phone to delete the residual data left by the app you have deleted.