Don’t you feel like going out in the middle of the adventures country? If yes, then visiting Qatar will be an ideal solution. Qatar is a luxurious country that is situated in the Middle East. Numerous eye-catching spots in Qatar attracts thousands of tourist every year.

But is it possible for everyone to enter Qatar every time without any permission? There are different rules for different countries that are required to be followed by the tourist who wants to enter that country. In more general aspects, a visa can be stated as one of the legal permission that is required by a person to enter any country. The legislation of Qatar allows the entry of citizens of 80 different countries without Visa. Any Indian needs to hold a Qatar visa if he or she is planning to visit the country for a long duration. The following article will help you to know more about Qatar visa for Indians.

What is the need of having a visa for visiting Qatar?

People who hold the citizenship of India do not require to have a visa beforehand till the initial 30 days of the visit. Hence tourist of India who loves to roam around the world, if plans to visit Qatar need to hold a Qatar visa for India only if he or she has a plan to visit Qatar and stay there for more than 30 days.

What are the different types of Qatar Visa for the citizen of India?

•Visa for tourist:- This is a digital form of visa that holds the validity till 6 months from the date it has been issued. This is a very beneficial facility because it will prevent the sudden loss of a visa.

•Visa for a family:- This visa is essential for the family who is planning to visit Qatar altogether.

•Visa for business:-This visa can be availed by the person who is visiting Qatar for business. The company or the agencies arranges the visa for their representative who is going to hold their business meeting in Qatar.

•Visa for students:- Students who are willing to take admission in universities or colleges that are located in Qatar must avail of this visa.

•Visa for work:- Those visitors who want to visit Qatar to get jobs over there need to avail this. There are certain criteria that need to be followed before applying for this visa.

What are the documents required to apply for a Qatar visa?

Any legal permission requires certain essential verification so that no unwanted situation arises. Hence a person can successfully have the approval of a visa only if he or she is capable to verify all the following documents accurately.

•The traveler who wants to visit Qatar needs to have a passport of India which has the validity of six months and contains numerous blank pages in it.

•The traveler is required to have two photocopies of the initial page of the passport that contains the name and the photograph of the person.

•It is important to have two passport size photographs of the person who is applying for a Visa.

•An applicant who is applying for a Qatar visa needs to present the flight ticket which has been confirmed.

•Receipt of reservation of any hotel or banquet in Qatar need to be shown during the process of applying for the visa.

What to keep in mind while applying visa for Qatar?

There are certain things that you need to count on before applying for Visa if you do not want to waste your time and money traveling here and there to get your visa done.

•Qatar embassies remain open from Monday to Friday. The timing of Qatar embassies remains 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Any applicant who is willing to submit their passport or they are willing to collect their passport need to you come in this working hour.

•Visa card, master card,debit card, money order, cheques are accepted as a payment mode. Hence you can apply for Visa without any worry of carrying money in your hand because you can pay the fees ofvisa with any of the modes mentioned above. Cash is usually avoided for security purposes.

How to apply for Visa for Qatar via online medium?

•An applicant who is willing to apply for the visa need to visit the portal through which he or she can fill up the application form

•An applicant needs to fill the entire application form accurately without any errors.

•All the essential documents that are required should be submitted.

•Payment for the fee of visa should be done by any of the favorable modes mentioned there.


It is very essential that you take the guidance of the right agencies before making your visit and because there are many criteria and legal policies that are required to be followed. For better advice, you can take the help of Care Insurance who can guide you with efficiency and accuracy.