If you have just found out that you have herpes, you may feel freaked out or confused. In fact, it is totally normal. There are people who then get embarrassed and never engage with people again.

Panicking too much may give you mental problems. In fact, genital herpes is manageable. It is the stigma that makes it dangerous. You can have a completely normal life with healthy relationships. There are millions of people with genital herpes who are living the same life as they were before.

Many people talk about herpes as a dealbreaker. In fact, it mostly depends on you and how you cope with it. In some cases, it is considered a big deal, especially when you date a person who doesn’t have herpes. They will use contraceptives for everything. So it makes it a little bit hard to have a healthy relationship with a normal person.

There are people who never leave their loved ones even after getting positive for herpes. If you have someone like this, then they will never leave you. For those sorts of people, herpes is not a dealbreaker. They may be struggling in their lives, but they are still doing it for love.

Most researchers have now said that the biggest fear for most people with herpes is giving the same disease to partners. That also includes discussing their hopes as they form a new relationship, according to H. Hunter Handsfield, MD. Most of these situations occur when the positives are afraid of the dealbreaker.

The herpes positives interpret the deal breaker incorrectly.They even believe that being diagnosed with herpes means the end of their relationship.In reality, there is no such thing. Even if you face a deal breaker, you can still have a healthy and good relationship with another person having the same HIV.

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What you need if you are HIV positve:

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