The post discusses the question of whether Govdeals are Legit and explains other factors that determine its credibility.

Do you have an excess of inventory that has to be sorted out? Govdeals is among the top sites in the United States that promises to offer educational institutions as well as government assistance to navigate excess inventory sales.

If you have surplus inventory which is not yet to be cleared out this website will assist you by auctioning the items. But, as there are many websites offering similar services, it’s important to make sure that the site is legitimate and not fraudulent.

In this article we will present the complete details about Are Govdeals legitimate and also provide additional features of the website.

Is the Website Legit or a Scam?

Before we get into the details of what users have to say about the site we should look at a few of its features. These help in proving that the website is genuine thus preventing customers from being duped. Let’s look at the criteria below.

  • Credibility Score This website is rated with a an excellent credibility score, averaging 96 percent.
  • Domain Age Domain was launched in October 1999 and will expire in October 2028.
  • social media presence This website contains pages for social media platforms.
  • Additionally the conditions and terms are clearly listed.

We will go into more detail about Are Govdeals legitimate by examining a few of its essential factors.

An Overview of Govdeals

GovDeals can be described as an online service which promises to offer a long-lasting and comprehensive solution to selling excess inventory. The services offered are exclusively for educational and government agencies to facilitate the disposal of their surplus inventory.

According to the website, it is home to more than 14,000 sellers that are using GovDeals’ services. GovDeals. In this case, they claim to have made $2.6 billion through the sales of goods to more than 1 million customers registered.

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Is Govdeals Legit – Customer Review

Another factor that is crucial in determining if a website is genuine or not is the feedback from customers. Therefore we decided to search for some reviews from customers online. We found couple of reviews. One user claims it is legitimate and truly a platform to auction government surpluses from universities.

On the other hand another user has reported having purchased a car through within the United States, and that it works perfectly. Based on the numerous reviews and feedback we have gathered and analyzed, we can conclusively say that the answer to is Govdeals legit can be yes.

We do recommend that users to read the entire policy and other comments before making a purchase on the site.

Final Conclusion

The website has a trust rating of 96%. Furthermore, the domain was also established in the past. In addition, the feedback posted by users on the website , which also demonstrates the quality of services and the vehicles that are accessed through the site being in good condition.

Based on the information that we have gathered, we can confirm that the site is genuine.

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